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CPA Job Posting: Online Retail Store Marketing Manager

CPA is looking for a marketing manager for our CPA Buy American Store. Job Summary:  This position is responsible for developing and executing a social media marketing strategy for the new CPA Buy American Store for the Coalition for a Prosperous America.  We are looking for someone to start part…

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To those who say China will just sort of change

I and other CPA members met with U.S. Treasury staffers last November about the China currency and trade imbalance problem.  We requested that Treasury shift from relying upon dialogue to get China to change, and rely more heavily on actions under our control.  Like neutralizing currency subsidies through countervailing duties….

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CPA Response to G20 Statement on Currency Undervaluation

News Release Contact: Sara Haimowitz, 202.688.5145, [email protected] CPA Response to G20 Statement on Currency Undervaluation: An Enforcement Regime is Needed On February 19, 2013, the Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (G20) issued a communique which addressed global currency misalignments.  In it, they pledged to: “move more…

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Why Give China Trade Windfall When Their Military Hacks Us?

This article appeared today in Politico. Use trade policy to put an end to China’s hacking By: Scott Paul February 28, 2013 09:30 PM EST Last week, Virginia-based Mandiant Corp. released a report accusing a wing of the Chinese military of waging a campaign of cyberattacks against the United States. In…

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Does USTR Even Know What a Trade Deficit Is?

We entrust our trade negotiations to these people. From the Office of the Department of Commerce propaganda site, via the USTR propaganda site. New Data Shows 29 States Hit Record Export Levels In 2012:  Contributed to record-setting $2.2 trillion year for U.S. exports Nationally, jobs supported by exports increased to…

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Yale Study: China PNTR Caused US Mfg Employment Decline

I’ll bet Ron Kirk won’t read this study.  Fed Reserve Economist Justin Pierce and Yale Professor Peter Schott released a December 2012 study stating that Bill Clinton’s big idea, permanent normalized trade relations with China, helped cause and accelerate the decline of U.S. manufacturing. Here is the abstract: This paper…

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Low Savings Don’t “Cause” the Trade Deficit

I’m posting this 2010 Ian Fletcher article because it addresses several stupid arguments about the trade deficit, savings and investment. Savings Are a Lousy Excuse for America’s Trade Deficit By Ian Fletcher, (original from Huffington Post) Everyone who’s been paying attention knows by now that Americans consume too much and…

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David Brooks on consumption taxes

David Brooks, op-ed columnist for the NY Times, was giving advice to Obama today in his column.  One item was a value added tax that I’ve written about before. Second, Obama could nurture investment by starting a debate on the sort of consumption tax plan Michael Graetz describes in his…

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NAM does not like Made in the USA rules

I wrote last week of the Coalition for a Prosperous America’s attempts to prevent relaxing the “domestic content” rules of the U.S. Export Import Bank.  This review of rules was required by the last authorization Ex-Im Bank authorization bill.  The multinational lobby successfully inserted the provision. The National Association of…

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The Joke that is Fast Track/TPA

The Constitution gives Congress authority over trade.  The Administration carries out negotiations with other countries on trade, but with the permission of Congress.  But Congress is basically a bit player nowadays.  The Executive Branch negotiates what it wants, Congress pretends to right a bill saying what they want in a…

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