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Why Give China Trade Windfall When Their Military Hacks Us?

This article appeared today in Politico. Use trade policy to put an end to China’s hacking By: Scott Paul February 28, 2013 09:30 PM EST Last week, Virginia-based Mandiant Corp. released a report accusing a wing of the Chinese military of waging a campaign of cyberattacks against the United States. In…

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Yale Study: China PNTR Caused US Mfg Employment Decline

I’ll bet Ron Kirk won’t read this study.  Fed Reserve Economist Justin Pierce and Yale Professor Peter Schott released a December 2012 study stating that Bill Clinton’s big idea, permanent normalized trade relations with China, helped cause and accelerate the decline of U.S. manufacturing. Here is the abstract: This paper…

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How Ending Currency Manipulation Will Help Manufacturers

Reposted from ***** How Ending Currency Manipulation Will Help Manufacturers Al Bredenberg  | News  |  February 26th, 2013 Many American economists and policymakers believe that currency manipulation by U.S. trading partners such as Japan and Singapore – and especially China – creates a drag on the U.S. economy…

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China Rejects Status As World’s Biggest Trader

Reposted from The Associated Press on February 19, 2013 ********* China Rejects Status As World’s Biggest Trader BEIJING — China has a new status its government doesn’t want — world’s biggest trader. Official Chinese and American trade data indicate China passed the United States last year in total imports and…

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CPA Economist on Chinese Hacking

Greg Autry, CPA Senior Economist, appears below on Sun News in Canada.  The topic is China’s hacking attacks on the U.S.

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China plays by its own rules while going global

Reposted from the Associated Press ******** China plays by its own rules while going global Jack Chang | February 16, 2013 | AP China takes investment and lending risks others won’t in going global MEXICO CITY (AP) — When Venezuela seized billions of dollars in assets from Exxon Mobil and other foreign…

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Vows of Change in China Belie Private Warning

Reposted from The New York Times ******** Vows of Change in China Belie Private Warning Chris Buckley | February 14, 2013 | NY Times HONG KONG — When China’s new leader, Xi Jinping, visited the country’s south to promote himself before the public as an audacious reformer following in the footsteps of Deng…

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A Reuters Digital Editor writing for the NY Times figures out that the U.S.-China relationship kills jobs and growth.  An uncomfortable moment for this utopian trade-benefits-all believer. The big surprise, at least for believers (like me) in the classic liberal economic view that trade benefits both parties, is the strong…

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2012 Trade Deficit with China Tops $300 billion; Shatters Record

Reposted from the Alliance for American Manufacturing blog ***** 2012 Trade Deficit with China Tops $300 billion; Shatters Record. Alliance for American Manufacturing  |  February 8, 2013 The annual U.S. trade figures for 2012 were released this morning by the Department of Commerce: The annual U.S. international trade deficit in…

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Donald Trumps clothing line made in China

Oops. From the YouTube page, “about this video”. Published on Oct 26, 2012 Donald Trump states his endorsement of Mitt Romney by admiring his stance on the country of China. Trump describes China as a “country that is ripping our heart out… And we [U.S.] do nothing to protect ourselves.”…

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