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One more week to pre-register!


“It’s important to stand up and be heard.”capitol
- Michele Nash-Hoff (Chair, CPA California Chapter)

Please join CPA’s 2013 Legislative Fly In on March 12-14, 2013.

We need to convince our Representatives and Senators to fix the trade deficit so we stop shipping our jobs and wealth to other countries.

The single most important viewpoint for a legislator is yours: their constituent.

There is no more efficient, cost effective way for you or me to hit this many legislative offices in just a couple of days.

The earlier you sign up, the better we can arrange Senate and House meetings for you and your team.

You can view the full schedule here.

The Fly In is free (well, there’s a $40 for the March 12 dinner, but it’s optional, and after all, you’ve got to eat sometime!)  It’s covered by CPA dues and donations to the CPA Education Fund.  You pay for your travel costs, room and board.

For more information, contact Sara Haimowitz, CPA Development Coordinator (202-688-5145 or [email protected]).

I hope to see you there!  Register today!


One Response to “One more week to pre-register!”

  1. William Ryan says:

    Thank you Michele and Sam for all you correct insights on the great trade imballane tragedy and the lack of our govenment to correct these important issues. It would no doubt bring back the the lost jobs and tax revenue we greatly need as a society…I guess the Chinese lobbiest have succeeded in Washington to convince our leaders and the American people that we are better off making everything in China…Maybe you can make some gain on the currency manipulation or VAT front at this all important conference…I wish I could be there to stand up for what is the truth and what is important for our economy…


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