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It’s no Fun Being Investigated in China

There are investigations.  And there are “investigations.”

BEIJING — An official from a Chinese state-owned enterprise died after an accident while being investigated for possible violations of Communist Party discipline, according to a report by China Daily, an official English-language newspaper.Chinese police

The official, Yu Qiyi, died on Tuesday in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, according to the report, which cited the People’s Procuratorate of Wenzhou. He had “suffered an accident” on Monday night during the investigation and died after being sent to the hospital, the report said, noting that he had been born in 1971. …

Mr. Yu was under a kind of detention called shuanggui, an opaque process under which, the report said, “Party and government officials are asked to confess to wrongdoings at stipulated times and places for serious violations of Party discipline and State laws.”

So imagine a weird parallel universe where the Democratic National Committee (DNC) appoints the U.S. President, Congress and the Judiciary.  The U.S. government owns or otherwise controls most large industries in the country.  The DNC grants ownership or management rights to DNC members to run those state controlled factories, phone companies, etc.  But if the owner causes some embarrassment, he gets brought up on an ethics complaint.  There is an inquiry.  The ethics inquiry involves torture to get an admission.  And the DNC official dies while being detained by the DNC.



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  1. Will Wilkin says:

    China is indeed run by a mafia-like Communist Party, but the sad fact is that government still serves their population better than Washington DC does ours. China is not the cause of America’s economic and social disintegration, however instrumental China has been to the globalized (nominally “US”) corporations whose executives and shareholders grow filthy rich offshoring our productive economy under the guise of “free trade.” What if, in another “weird parallel universe,” China came to adopt a higher standard of human rights and freedoms than the USA? Would we therefore stop opposing the ruinous free trade policies because now China is “humane?” I hope not! The central reason we oppose the horribly mis-named “free trade” policies is the effect they have on the American people and the American economy. That is the basis on which we should criticize existing policies and advocate alternatives.


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