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EU wants 28% increased exports to U.S.

We have the worst trade performance of any country in the world.  And they tell us we need a trade agreement with Europe?  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is pushing it.  Here is more insight on why the Europeans want it.

EU member states

European leaders are expected to press Mr. Lew on an eagerly anticipated free-trade agreement. A study by the European Commission found that a deal could increase European Union exports to the United States by as much as 28 percent, a lift for the flailing European economy.

If we are going to recover economically, job-wise and fiscally, we need to pursue balance trade.  That means eliminating the trade deficit.  We need to produce more of what we consume.  The bipartisan insanity on the U.S. side continues, as Obama and members of both parties in Congress have spoken in favor of an EU trade deal.

CPA members focused, in our March Legislative Fly In, upon convincing Congress that the trade deficit is THE core economic problem.  We need to strengthen our persuasion and our organization as Trade Promotion Authority is being crafted in Congress this year.

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