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Buy American Waiver Sought for Highway Vehicles

The Obama 2009 Stimulus bill contains a Buy American provision.  I.e. projects funded with this stimulus money must buy USA made goods.  Additionally, all requests for a waiver of this requirement must be made public so there is an opportunity to comment.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is seeking a waiver to purchase 75 highway related vehicles and equipment.  You can see the waiver request here, and comment if you like.  If you have information showing that the FHWA can purchase vehicles and equipment that are USA made to the extent required by the law, you should comment.



One Response to “Buy American Waiver Sought for Highway Vehicles”

  1. William Ryan says:

    With the tail wagging the dog as usual it is a very clear government policy of “do as I say, not as I do”. The government is hell bent on spending money they don’t have (destroying consumer wealth and savings) printing huge excesses of money (driving up inflation world wide)and giving themselves the best (Cadillac) benefits packages found anywhere in the World. We all like everyday low prices and more savings less doing but the reality is that for most these wages are not livable wages. Another reality is that if you want American made goods or products you can easily find that it is now made over seas. There is not many other options for many average consumer goods…Go figure…


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