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Sprint Nears a U.S. Deal to Restrict China Gear

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Sprint Nears a U.S. Deal to Restrict China Gear

Edward Wyatt | March 28, 2013 | NY Times

“WASHINGTON — Seeking to address national security concerns, Sprint Nextel and SoftBank, its Japanese suitor, are expected to enter an agreement with American law enforcement officials that will restrict the combined company’s ability to pick suppliers for its telecommunications equipment and systems, government officials said on Thursday.

The agreement would allow national security officials to monitor changes to the company’s system of routers, servers and switches, among other equipment and processes, the officials said. It would also let them keep a close watch on the extent to which Sprint and SoftBank use equipment from Chinese manufacturers, particularly Huawei Technologies. The government officials spoke about the possible agreement on the condition of anonymity because negotiations are continuing.”

The complete article can be found here.


One Response to “Sprint Nears a U.S. Deal to Restrict China Gear”

  1. Joe says:

    A welcome report, let’s hope this policy is expanded and continued.


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