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Let’s Talk About Fixing The TRADE Deficit

  Reposted from Campaign for America’s Future ***** Let’s Talk About Fixing The TRADE Deficit Dave Johnson  |  March 6, ,2013  |  Campaign for America’s Future The economy is not working for We, the People. But even with $4 trillion already cutfrom deficit projections, a deficit drop of about 50 percent as a…

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Morici: 3.7.13: Despite Headwinds, Modest Jobs Growth Expected

Despite the recent $150 billion tax increase, uncertainties imposed by sequestration and halting growth in consuming spending, economists expect GDP growth to rebound and moderate jobs creation to continue.   Friday, forecasters expect the Labor Department to report the economy added 171,000 jobs in February, and for unemployment to remain…

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Michael C. Sekora: Technology-Based Planning

UPCOMING EVENT Michael C. Sekora: Technology-Based Planning Tue, Mar 12 2013 - 6:00pm Michael C. Sekora: Technology-Based Planning, the Foundation of All Competitive Advantage President, Quadrigy, Inc. Sekora, who was the founder and director of Project Socrates, a U.S. intelligence community initiative under President Reagan, will posit that the shift…

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Trade problems explored at forum

Reposted from the Dayton Daily News ***** Trade problems explored at forum       Steve Bennish | March 4, 2013 | Dayton Daily News Weak and uncompetitive national tax and trade practices hobble American manufacturing as it tries to recover from huge job losses, a panel of local business…

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Does USTR Even Know What a Trade Deficit Is?

We entrust our trade negotiations to these people. From the Office of the Department of Commerce propaganda site, via the USTR propaganda site. New Data Shows 29 States Hit Record Export Levels In 2012:  Contributed to record-setting $2.2 trillion year for U.S. exports Nationally, jobs supported by exports increased to…

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Low Savings Don’t “Cause” the Trade Deficit

I’m posting this 2010 Ian Fletcher article because it addresses several stupid arguments about the trade deficit, savings and investment. Savings Are a Lousy Excuse for America’s Trade Deficit By Ian Fletcher, (original from Huffington Post) Everyone who’s been paying attention knows by now that Americans consume too much and…

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Manufacturing Mart: The Supply Chain Trade Show

An event presented by Manufacturing Mart, a CPA member and supporter: Register today!  

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Do you have something better to do?

  Please join us for CPA’s 2013 Legislative Fly In on March 12-14, 2013. We need to convince our Representatives and Senators to fix the trade deficit so we stop shipping our jobs and wealth to other countries. The single most important viewpoint for a legislator is yours: their constituent.  …

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership Would Destroy our National Sovereignty

In his State of the Union address, President Obama declared in his intent to complete negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Obama administration has pursued the TPP through the offices of U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk instead of under the auspices of the Department of State. This was the…

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The Joke that is Fast Track/TPA

The Constitution gives Congress authority over trade.  The Administration carries out negotiations with other countries on trade, but with the permission of Congress.  But Congress is basically a bit player nowadays.  The Executive Branch negotiates what it wants, Congress pretends to right a bill saying what they want in a…

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