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Opinion: Restrict the export of natural gas for US energy policy


Here is a letter I received from Burl Finkelstein of Kason Industries.


Hello Michael:

As a manufacturer and employer in Georgia I am alarmed the US government is not going to act to assure a reliable and economical energy supply for the future. Natural gas has become the fuel of choice for power generation and many other uses because of cost and environmental concerns.

With a plentiful environmentally friendly fuel sourced in the US we do not need to be dependent on foreign countries.  In light of the discoveries of natural gas in the US there is consideration to start exporting the newly found gas. THIS IS STUPID!!  We are on the cusp of energy self-sufficiency and our government is going to allow the new resource to be exported for short term profit of both domestic and foreign companies.

We need to assure US energy sustainability by keeping natural gas in the US for future needs.!

Restrict the export of natural gas as part of US energy policy!

Burl M. Finkelstein Esq., P.E., CMfgE
Exec. VP and GC
Kason Industries
57 Amlajack Blvd.
Newnan GA, 30265
Direct 770 304 3070


3 Responses to “Opinion: Restrict the export of natural gas for US energy policy”

  1. Dr Bob Goldschmidt says:

    We should also be aware that the same situation exists for oil. Oil companies are licking their chops over the fact that Baltic oil is priced $20/barrel higher than West Texas Intermediate. They are reversing the Keystone XL pipeline between Cushing OK and the Gulf to export our oil and oil products from the Midwest and make money off the price differential. This will put money in the pockets of big oil and take it out of the pockets of consumers.

  2. Jim Schollaert says:

    Sorry, Burt. We will never get to ‘balanced trade’ that way unless we ban all imports too.

    The chemical industry in the U.S. is the loudest lobby trying to stop export of U.S.natural gas to keep the price of their raw material low. But much of the ‘our’ chemical industry consists of European owned companies who import all the expensive ingredients from Europe, add U.S. water and energy, and sell the product in the U.S.

  3. Tom T. says:

    If we don’t restrict it, we should add on a war tax to energy because it seems we go into a lot of wars to make sure we have access to world energy supplies.

    Tom T


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