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Flint Plant Making GM Instrument Units Closing


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Delphi Automotive says a plant in Flint with about 327 employees that makes instrument systems for General Motors Co. trucks and vans will close. The United Auto Workers union says production is moving to Mexico.

Delphi Vice President Lindsey Williams tells that the plant formerly known as the Delphi Flint East will cease operations in November.

Williams says the plant remained open under a 2007 agreement among GM, its former parts-making subsidiary Delphi and the UAW. Williams says the deal originally expired in September 2011 but was extended.

The plant makes instrument clusters used in GM vehicles such as pickup trucks, SUVs and large vans.

The announcement comes shortly after UAW Local 651 members authorized a strike as part of negotiations with GM.



3 Responses to “Flint Plant Making GM Instrument Units Closing”

  1. Milt Heft says:

    Another nail in the coffin of American Production. If this were wartime (and we ARE in an economic war), GM would not be allowed to fire 327 workers and move the plant to Mexico. The US Government would send an Army squad and hand-carry the responsible GM executive down the front stairs and out. To see how this worked in WW2, google “Sewell Avery” of Montgomery Ward.

    • Henry says:

      Milt - that is a good point. I would like to carry these buggers out on their ear. Words cannot express the rage I have right now. It seems as if when a company gets a little cash, they use it to move production out of the United States. I am going to continue my boycott of this lousy excuse for an American company. They aren’t American at all. They have traitorous shills running the asylum.

  2. Milt Heft says:


    At last: someones who is just as angry as I am. Like the song says:
    Start me with ten, Who are stout-hearted men And I’ll soon give you ten thousand more Shoulder to shoulder And bolder and bolder They grow as they go to the fore!
    Do you know of any groups that are equally enraged, or do we have to star one of our own??



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