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CO-Sen: Bennet and Buck lead

CO-Sen:  The primary is in August for Colorado.

Poll Data by Real Clear Politics

Incumbent Michael Bennet is leading Andrew Romanoff on the Dem side 53-37 according to a Denver Post poll.  A tough margin.

Ken Buck leads Lieut. Governor Jane Norton by 7 points - on the GOP side - according to an average of polls by Real Clear Politics, with recent polls having Buck’s lead stronger.

Head to head matchups in the general election are here.

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Voter focus on jobs and economy

The Denver Post reports that its polling shows that 56% of Coloradans put jobs and the economy as the number 1 issue facing the country.

Maybe the candidates will actually start dealing with those issues.  One of the first ones to take the issue head on in the Colorado Senate election campaign is Democrat Andrew Romanoff.  We’re working on Republican candidates Ken Buck and Jane Norton.  Michael Bennet, the Dem incumbent, has been nonresponsive.

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