U.S. Treasury: Korea continues to intervene in currency markets

The U.S. Treasury issued a report last February called: “Report to Congress on International Economic and Exchange Rate Policies.” Korea continues to intervene in its currency markets.  The Korean won is undervalued by anywhere from 5 to 20%.  Treasury cites Korea’s excess currency reserves as evidence of its currency market…

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Fixing Corporate Taxes

The following is a piece written by Bill Parks, CEO of NRS, Inc., in Moscow, ID, and CPA member and supporter. With an uncertain business climate and our large national debt dominating current political discussion, corporate taxes have suddenly been placed under the microscope. There is no denying that our…

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It’s Time to Vet the VAT As a Solution to America’s Staggering Debt

The following is an article by Deborah Szekely posted in the March 21, 2011 edition of the Huffington Post.  Deborah Szekely is the founder of both the Golden Door and Rancho La Puerta spa/fitness resorts.  She served as President and CEO of the Inter-American Foundation in Washington D.C, and had…

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Business Consumption Tax

The following is a Letter to the Editor from Tom Pauken, Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission, that appeared in the New York Times on Feb. 6, 2011.  Click here to see the letter online. To the Editor: “Corporate Tax Code Proves Hard to Change” (news article, Jan. 28) asserts…

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CPA member featured in story on IL Tax hikes

Zach Mottl, CPA member and supporter, and his company Atlas Tool, was featured on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric in a story about the IL Tax hikes and how they might be hurtful to manufacturers. Click here for a link to the video, and here for a link…

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CPA’s Zach Mottl on CBS with Katie Couric

CPA member, Zach Mottl, will appear on CBS News tonight (January 14, 2011) with Katie Couric to discuss the 66% state income tax increase for Illinois. With three tax-cutting Governors in proximity, this could be a disaster for Illinois manufacturers.

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VAT video from Economy in Crisis

Here is a video produced by EconomyInCrisis.org on the value added tax.

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UK raises VAT tariffs today

The UK has raised its VAT from 17.5% to 20% (pdf file), effective today.  That means any U.S. product or service (that is not exempted) has to pay 20% at the border when sold to the Brits.  But of course, the Brits can export tax free because they don’t pay…

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Obama: Transcript of tax deal interview

Here is the transcript of Steve Inskeep’s (NPR) interview of President Obama yesterday regarding the tax deal with Republicans, and the controversy surrounding it. ****** Transcript: Obama On Taxes, Economy And START December 10, 2010 PRESIDENT OBAMA: All right, fire away. STEVE INSKEEP: OK, we’ll jump right into it here….

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Another consumption tax proposal: Is it border adjustable?

CPA has long been concerned about foreign value added taxes which act as tariffs on our exports and subsidies to foreign sales to us.  Because they are WTO legal tariffs, our options to neutralize these unfair competitive advantages are to negotiate their elimination or to enact our own VAT. Several…

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