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PA-Sen: Sestak/Specter attack each other on trade

Joe Sestak and Arlen Specter are vying, in the primaries, for the Democratic nomination in the race for senator.   Neither has been very stellar on trade.  And neither has co-sponsored either the very good TRADE Act or the Fair Currency Act which have been introduced this year.  Last week they…

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PA-Sen: Specter lead over Sestak shrinks

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, a newly minted Dem after a party switcheroo, is being challenged by PA Congressman Joe Sestak in the Democratic primaries.  Specter leads Sestak by 13 points (47-34%) which is a healthy lead, but the lead diminished by 6 points from June, when Specter lead 51-32%.  (Rasmussen).

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PA-Sen: Poll numbers

Incumbent Senator Arlen Specter, newly a Dem, led Republican challenger Pat Toomey a few weeks ago.  But Quinnipiac has then now in a tie, Specter 45% and Toomey 44%.  A 20 point lead in early May has vanished for Specter.  In the Democratic primary, Specter has a 55-23 lead over…

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IL-Sen: Giannoulias to run for Dem side

IL-Sen: The first Dem candidate in this race has announced his candidacy to replace Burris who replaced Obama: The state treasurer, Alexi Giannoulias, says he will run for President Obama’s former Senate seat. Mr. Giannoulias, a Democrat, hopes to win the seat now held by Senator Roland W. Burris, who…

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IL-Sen: Mark Kirk to seek Burris/Obama seat

Mark Kirk (R-IL-10) announced yesterday he will run for President Obama’s senate seat which was filled by Roland Burris.  Yes… Burris is the guy that former Governor Blagojevich appointed.  Burris said he won’t seek reelection.  No Democrat has announced an intention to seek the seat. But what we care about…

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CA-32: Chiu (D) fills open seat

CA-32: Judy Chiu (D) won the election over Betty Chu (R) to fill the seat vacated by Hilda Solis who was appointed Labor Secretary by President Obama.  This is a heavily Democratic district.  Chiu won 62%-33%.

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PA-Gov: Gerlach to run for governor

Jim Gerlach (R-PA-06) will announce today that he will run for governor of Pennsylvania.  You can see his trade votes from 2005 to 2008, compiled by CPA, here.  Gerlach voted for CAFTA, the Bahrain Free Trade Agreement (FTA), and the Peru FTA.  He voted against the Oman FTA.  He also…

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PA-Sen: Republican candidate signs Fixing American Economy plan

Arlen Specter switched from R to D in Pennsylvania and is being challenged in the Democratic primary, apparently, by Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA-7).  Pat Toomey is the considered by many as the leading Republican candidate.  Peg Luksik is another Republican candidate. There are fault lines emerging on the trade issue…

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PA-Sen: Tom Ridge won’t run

Tom Ridge, the former Republican governor of Pennsylvania, polls closely with Arlen Specter in a hypothetical general election matchup.  But Ridge has announced that he won’t run.   A Research 2000 poll found former Club for Growth leader Pat Toomey substantially ahead of Ridge in a Republican primary matchup… 41-33%.

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PA-Sen: Poll says Specter beats Toomey in general election

These are the poll numbers that caused Specter to switch from Republican In Name Only (RINO) to Democrat In Name Only (DINO).  Specter himself said this move was designed to keep his seat.

Republican primary polling:  Former Club for Growth Chairman Toomey beats Specter by 21 points:  51-30%.

General election poll:  Specter beats Toomey by 20 points: 53-33%.

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