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Cantor continues protecting China cheating


Despite the fact that a majority of the House (225) has co-sponsored the House currency bill, Cantor’s personal “protect China, screw America” instincts are leading him to prevent a vote.

His current distraction rhetoric is that he wants to wait to see what the White House wants to do with the bill.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Tuesday said that it’s up to the White House to make clear its position on the Senate’s China currency bill before House Republican leaders decide whether to bring the measure to the floor.

Nice to see such a warm, hesitant, cooperative relationship between Cantor and Obama, when Majority Leader Harry Reid just acted without the dithering Treasury Dept. getting involved.  Of course, Cantor is not telling the truth.  He is against the bill and wants to find a way to stall it.

Cantor voted against the bill last year, and he heeds the Club for Growth/China Ministry of Finance line that we can’t protect American economic interests when they conflict with GE/Boeing/Wal-Mart interests.


3 Responses to “Cantor continues protecting China cheating”

  1. Julian Martin says:

    Not only that, Cantor is hamstringing U.S. foreign and defense policy. My guess is President Obama does not want to be openly supportive of this legislation, despite co-sponsoring it as a Senator. Forcing Obama to take a position as a predicate to moving this important legislation would probably jeopardize other very sensitive Sino-US cooperation.

  2. Tom says:

    Please protect us, Oh Lord, from our domestic enemies in Washington D.C. Eric Cantor is no doubt cajoling donations from those who wish to sell things to China or who have investments there where fair trade rules might rock the boat. I am sure Walmart, with their 14 closed Walmarts is working on their strategy. Add Huntsman with his business interests, Orin Hatch with his possible sales by Boeing to China and you have a powerhouse of republicans who will water down or hinder what this country should be doing. These guys can only be used as tools by the highest bidder. It is our current puppet government.



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