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Job # 1 before Christmas - currency

The number one job we have before Christmas, now that the election is over, is to get the currency bill passed in the Senate lame duck session.  We have a very different picture going into 2011 if we do pass vs. do not pass the currency bill in the Senate.

This is within our reach and we need to close the deal.  Focus, dear readers, focus.


4 Responses to “Job # 1 before Christmas - currency”

  1. Mo says:

    A currency bill that applies to all countries that manipulate their currencies is essential.

  2. Joshua says:

    Harry Reid winning his race may have been key to getting it through the Senate, as he has an electoral mandate to act boldly. The Senate Democrats should pass the measure now, partly in order to get more credit for it. Additionally, the Democratic Party should not want having things like trade enforcement, which is key to its base, subject to bargaining over budget policy and free trade in the next Congress.

  3. Frank Shannon says:

    We can thank tea party activists for helping save the Currency Act in the Senate. By putting up candidates outside of the “mainstream” in Connecticut, Delaware, Colorado and Nevada, they prevented the Republican wave election from hitting Senate shores.

    With Democrats still in leadeship positions, getting the bill passed in the Senate is more likely.

  4. Well I am a republican and I do not fall in line with the liberal crap. How ever you are on target with the trade issue. I have been harping about trade deals with the commies/ third world nations and dictators for years.

    So I am a conservative that agree’s with you on the trade issue. But not on the other liberal crap.


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