Trade deficit hits new record

Democratic leadership is reported to be in talks with the White
House about extending Fast Track authority.  Massive spin
operations are trying to counter the fact the trade deficit hit a new
record in December.  Robert Scott of Economic Policy Institute
reports that "Soaring imports of steel, high-tech goods, and other
products from China combined with sharply higher oil prices to drive
the trade deficit to new record." 

Project forward 10
years… 20 years… and imagine what our country will look like with
more of the same trade policies.  Consider whether you like your
job or business now, and where it will be then.


The full report by Robert Scott follows… 

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Trade articles of interest

 Here is a lineup of interesting pieces on globalization. Some are recent, some are not.  *  Leslie Sklair of the London School of Economics writes about the "transnational capitalist class and the discourse of globalization" *  National Assn of Manufacturers president John Engler deludes himself and others with incantations about…

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Will they clone freedom too?

According to an article in the Washington Post , FDA is poised to clear the consumption of cloned animals as food. While some fail to realize such technology is widely available, others simply prefer that cloning of food not take place. FDA’s stand is that there is no difference between the meat or milk of cloned animals and that of those that are conceived naturally.

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Let’s Make a Deal

The Conservative Deciders in our government normally decide to do nothing very new. If “Let’s make a Deal” host Monty Hall gave them a choice between doors number 1 thru 3, the most likely choice would be none of the above. They don’t care much for surprises.

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Country of origin opponent Bonilla loses

Rep. Henry Bonilla (R Tx) lost dramatically
in his runoff election against Ciro Rodriquez.  Bonilla was the
lead House "packer lackey" preventing implementation of country of
origin labeling (COOL) for beef and pork.

Bonilla was chair of
the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture.  Country of
Origin Labeling was included in the 2002 Farm Bill, set for
implementation by September 31, 2003. 

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Feds’ 6-state sting seeking illegal workers

Raids at Swift plants target identity theft

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Giving Our All

Premise ID, as discussed in the December 13th issue of the New York Times, still leaves many unanswered questions.

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Pavlov’s Dog and Free Traders

Robert Samuelson complains of "trade obstructionism" in today’s Washington Post
The trade obstructionists reflexively reject any new trade agreements,
he writes, because of outsourcing to countries with low wages and lax
labor practices.

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Paulson whines of U.S. protectionism to British industry

Apparently unaware of past trade deals negotiated by our representatives who gave away the U.S. store, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson whines to the Confederation of British Industry about U.S. protectionists. Absent facts, Paulson reverts to political epithets.  Since when is demanding better terms for the U.S. protectionism?  Trade reform requires…

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Lou Dobbs and the Global Elite

The global elite wistfully remember the days when Lou Dobbs supported their agenda on Moneyline, and gnash their teeth as he reveals their foibles with newfound populist fervor. Click here to read article.

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