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US DOC Determines Dumping In Taiwan Hanger AD Investigation


Reposted from Steel Business Briefing


US DOC Determines Dumping In Taiwan Hanger AD Investigation

October 12, 2012 | Steel Business Briefing

The US Department of Commerce determined on Wednesday that steel wire garment hangers from Taiwan are being sold at less than fair value in the US.

In its affirmative final determination, the DOC determined that producers/exporters from Taiwan have sold the hangers at dumping margins ranging from 69.98 to 125.43 percent – reaffirming the margins it set in its late July preliminary determination.

The AD rate for mandatory respondent Golden Canyon Ltd and all others is 69.98%. The rate for mandatory respondent Taiwan Hanger Manufacturing Co Ltd was set at 125.43%, based on adverse facts available, since it did not respond to the DOC’s questionnaire. US Customs and Border Protection will continue to collect cash deposits equal to the weighted-average dumping margins.

If the US International Trade Commission finds that imports materially injure or threaten to injure the domestic industry, Commerce will issue the AD orders. The ITC is slated to make its final determination on or before November 23.

The petitioners in the investigation are M&B Metal Products Co Inc of Leeds, Alabama; Innovative Fabrication LLC/Indy Hangers of Indianapolis, and US Hanger Co LLC of Gardena, California.


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