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Michael Stumo interview to be aired Saturday, 10/13/12, 10 et on “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise w/Abby”

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Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA, was interviewed by Abby Santiago Monroe, who hosts the show “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise with Abby”.  The interview will air on the show on 10/13/12, at 10:00am et on Talk Radio 106.3 in the Palm Coast and Ormond Beach, FL listening area, or online at

In the interview, Mr. Stumo discussed the failure of U.S. trade policy because we exported our industries instead of our products and how the trade deficit helped cause the Great Recession and hampered our recovery.  Michael also talked about the recently established CPA Buy America online store.

Tune in Saturday, 10/13/12, at 10am Eastern!


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