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“Buy American” – Real or Window Dressing?

The following is an Op-Ed article by William D. Feniger, Universal Metals, LLC “Buy American” – Real or Window Dressing? There is a lot of big talk, flag waving and hot air being thrown about in the United States today relating to “Buy American.” In reality, the game is to…

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Why Are We Importing Our Own Fish?

Reposted from The New York Times ************** Why Are We Importing Our Own Fish? Paul Greenberg | June 20, 2014 | NY Times IN 1982 a Chinese aquaculture scientist named Fusui Zhang journeyed to Martha’s Vineyard in search of scallops. The New England bay scallop had recently been domesticated, and…

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You can leave a comment: Buy American waiver sought for highway vehicles

Under current Buy America laws, infrastructure projects paid for with federal money must purchase goods that are US-made.  This language is in the 2009 Obama stimulus bill. There is, however, a provision allowing waiver in certain circumstances, for example if the US-made goods can’t be found or are prohibitively expensive. A Buy…

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They’re debating this right now.

We want thousands of emails going into the Senate. Because we can defund government trade negotiators’ attack on Buy American laws in trade negotiations. We won last week. A House appropriations bill passed cuts off funding for government negotiators trying to undermine “Buy American” laws. The Senate bill on the…

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House-Passed Bill Could Block USTR From Negotiating On Procurement

Reposted from Inside U.S. Trade.  Inside U.S. Trade is subscription only, so only part of the article is posted here. ***** House-Passed Bill Could Block USTR From Negotiating On Procurement June 6, 2014  |  Inside U.S. Trade The House late last week passed a bill funding federal trade agencies after…

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We won in the House. Now for the Senate.

We had another win last week. I’m asking you to help us cement that win this week. The U.S. House of Representatives just passed legislation to cut off funding for negotiations of any trade and global governance agreement agreements containing provisions that undermine “Buy American” laws. We have an exciting…

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Bipartisan Call To Crack Down On Currency, Restore 5.8 Million Jobs

Reposted from Campaign for America’s Future ***** Bipartisan Call To Crack Down On Currency, Restore 5.8 Million Jobs Dave Johnson  |  June 11, 2014  |  Campaign for America’s Future Senators Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) issued an appeal Tuesday to President Obama to crack down on currency manipulation,…

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Will New OMB Chief Kill Factory-Less Production Rule?

  Shaun Donovan’s confirmation hearings are going on today, as I write this.  He was head of Housing and Urban Development,but is moving to the powerful Office of Management and Budget… if the Senate confirms him.  Both the Budget and Homeland Security Committees are holding confirmation hearings. A pressing question…

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USDA Approves Checkoff Advertisements Featuring “North American Beef”

R-CALF USA Press Release, June 6, 2014 Billings, Mont. – Last February R-CALF USA submitted a complaint to U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack alleging unlawful use of U.S. beef checkoff program dollars in advertisements that improperly encouraged consumption of “North American Beef.” The complaint alleged that at least $5,000 dollars…

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OMB Bureaucratic Fraud: Foreign Goods to Be Classified as U.S. Produced!

  Read this blog post in detail.  It is dangerous bureaucratic fraud to balance trade by reclassifying foreign goods as U.S. goods.  The OMB rule on “factory-less goods production” and “global value chains” must be stopped. Apple iPhones built by Foxconn in China and sold in Japan will be counted…

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