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Trade, and China, and other news stuff

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*  China is suspending imports
of chicken feet, pork ribs and other food products from Cargill and
Tyson.   Tit for tat some say.  Food fight.  Why is this
bad?  If we ship them salmonella, we should stop.  Ditto if
they ship it to us.  If their testing is fraudulent, that’s
another thing.  Look, when you ship meat 6,000 miles its a risk.
We have to put our meat in the freezer as soon as we get home from the

*  USDA says ag exports will reach record levels
$79 billion this year is projected.  Last year was $68.6
billion.  Ag Secretary Johanns says this shows we must ratify the
trade agreements with Columbie, Korea, Panama and Peru.  Funny
thing.  No mention of imports.  Kinda like G.E. issuing a
quarterly report with gross sales only, and nothing on expenses.

South Korea revoked the trade permit
of an unnamed U.S. processing plant which shipped "specific risk
materials" (SRM’s) in a shipment of ribs.  SRMs are the brain and
spinal column, which can carry bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)
or mad cow disease.  We shouldn’t do that either. 

*  Odd trivia, but possibly illuminating.  In what way, I don’t know.  China hosts 44.8% of the world’s infected websites… those sites with malware… viruses, worms and the like.

*  More frightening, the Pentagon thinks the Chinese army hacked into the Pentagon website.  China denies it.  They denied their food was a problem too. 

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