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SC-Pres: McCain leads Obama 48-39%

As per Rasmussen. 

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WI-Pres: Virtual tie

Rasmussen:  Obama is tied with McCain in Wisconsin. 45-43%, which is within the 4.5% margin of error.

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KY-Sen: McConnell down in the polls

I missed this stunning poll a couple weeks ago. Rasmussen:  Kentucky Senate race (5/27/08):  Bruce Lunsford (D) over incumbent Mitch McConnell (R) 49-44%. There’s a long time before November.  Senate majority leaders are not immune to hometown rejection.  Indeed, Tom Daschle (D) lost to John Thune (D) in South Dakota…

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Pres-WV: McCain leads Obama

Rasmussen:  McCain 45%, Obama 38%.  No surprise.  Hillary handily beat Obama in West Virginia. 

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VA-11: An open seat

Virginia’s 11th Congressional District, in northeast Virginiak is open.  Tom Davis (R) is retiring after 14 years. 

The district is one of the wealthiest in the country.  Median household income is $80,397 as compared to $41,994 nationally. 

race is receiving a lot of attention because it is open, and because
the district is turning from red to purple.  Bush beat Kerry
50-40% in 2004.  Davis won in 05 y 12 points.  Davis is
considered a moderate, not a conservative.  He wanted to run for
John Warner’s open Senate seat, but state Republicans turned to the
more conservative Jim Gilmore, the former governor.  Davis headed
the Congressional Republican Campaign Committee in the 2006 election

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Pres: McCain/Obama tied in Missouri

From Rasmussen:  6/5/08 – Obama 43%/McCain 42% Prior Rasmussen poll:  5/6/08 – McCain 47%/Obama 41% 

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CO-5: Lamborn and NAM hide from the press

Doug Lamborn is the freshman Republican incumbent in Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District, which includes Colorado Springs.  He is a Club for Growth candidate.  He is a National Assn of Manufacturers candidate.  The district is heavily Republican favoring Bush over Kerry in 2004 by 34 percent. Lamborn is being heavily challenged…

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Pres: General Election – Nearly tied

Day One of the general election campaign:  Obama 47% v. McCain 45%.  36% of voters say they could change their mind.  In the states, over the past few days, from Rasmussen: MA: Obama leads 51-48 MT:  McCain leads 48-43 CT:  Obama leads 47-44 SD:  McCain leads 48-38

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WY-AL: Lummis v. Trauner

Wyoming’s at large seat.  Barbara Cubin (R) is retiring. She had a tight race in 2008, winning by about 1,000 votes over Gary Trauner (D).  Cynthia Lummis (R) is running against Trauner for the seat.  Trauner leads 44-41% according to a Research 2000 poll commissioned by a political blogger (5/20-21). …

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MS-Sen: Wicker and Musgrove tied

Well, essentially tied anyway.  Ronnie Musgrove (D) is up 47-46% over Roger Wicker (R) who was appointed to fill Trent Lott’s seat until the November election.  Within the margin of error so the race is basically tied. It’s an odd year for Mississippi, which has two Senate races because of…

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