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IA-Pres: Obama leads McCain

Rasmussen:  Obama over McCain 45-38% (6/12) 

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Pres: Obama’s Furman appointment further examined

A Rubinite.  In Obama’s campaign.  "Rubinite" is wonkish jargon for persons associated with Robert Rubin,  a Goldman Sachs rich guy that served as President Clinton’s Treasury secretary.  That Rubinite is Jason Furman. Rubinites happily bestowed the NAFTA model upon us.  They believed comparative advantage was actually true in its pure…

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WA/GA/MI-Pres: MIxed results for Obama and McCain

Washington:  Obama over McCain 53-35% (6/11/08)  Georgia:  McCain over Obama 51-41% (6/10/08)  Michigan:  McCain over Obama 45-52% (6/11/08)  Source:  Rasmussen 

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Pres – Obama’s choice of Furman criticized

Obama chose Jason Furman to be his director of economic policy.  I questioned this yesterday.  This ABC news article includes David Sirota’s criticism.

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Pres: McCain – trade agreements

McCain on trade today: He accused Mr. Obama of “talking down the value of our exports and trade agreements.” While Mr. Obama has talked of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, or Nafta, Mr. McCain vowed that “in a time of uncertainty for American workers, we will not undo…

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GA-Sen: Chambliss leads all Dems

Incumbent Saxby Chambliss is probably safe in Georgia.  While leading all Dems (by at least 15%) competing in the primary is not a great indicator, it’s probably a solid assumption.

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NJ-Pres: Obama leads McCain 48-39%

As per Rasmussen.  There is a comparison to a prior poll, showing Obama extending his lead, but that poll was during the primaries, and so irrelevant. 

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Obama hires a Rubinite

This is not a good sign.  Obama taps former Clinton aide for economy team  WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama is bolstering his economic team for the November White House race against Republican John McCain and has hired an official from President Bill Clinton’s administration to be his economic policy…

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SC-Pres: McCain leads Obama 48-39%

As per Rasmussen. 

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WI-Pres: Virtual tie

Rasmussen:  Obama is tied with McCain in Wisconsin. 45-43%, which is within the 4.5% margin of error.

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