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We won the currency vote in the House! Roll call vote.

348-79 on the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act, HR 2378.  Good guys win.  Blowout vote.  ‘Nuff said.  On to the Senate. Here is how the vote turned out. The full roll call vote is here. Democrats:  249 yes.  5 no. Republicans: 99 yes.  74 no. **** Here are some…

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10 National Security Reasons to Support Currency Bill

This is from the Fair Currency Coalition, of which CPA is a member. ***** Fair Currency Coalition Ten National Security Reasons Why Congress Must Vote for H.R. 2378, the Ryan-Murphy Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act Voting for H.R. 2378, the Ryan-Murphy Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act, is…

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Is the tide turning towards Smart Trade?

Our efforts towards balanced trade and a smart trade policy are bearing fruit.  Here is the evidence. ********* Public Presentations:  I like to focus my personal efforts outside DC, informing readers of this blog and voters in the field about trade problems, solutions, and where their politicians stand on these…

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Poll update 9/29/10

OH-Sen: Rob Portman (R) continues wide lead over Lee Fisher (D). Ipsos Reuters has a 13 point margin at 50-37.  A CBS/NYT poll has Portman up by 11 among likely voters, 45-34, and up by 6 among registered voters, 41-35. Rasmussen has Portman up 51-42%. PA-Sen:  Joe Sestak (D) seems…

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Video on HR 2378, currency manipulation bill

I came across this video on HR 2378 from some group called Main Street Insider.  Apparently they do these videos on bills as part of a mission to promote public participation in the legislative process.

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NY Times keeps giving ink to China-cheating-defenders

The NY Times op-ed page continues giving op-ed space to defenders of Chinese currency cheating.  Those biased defenders’ jobs often depend upon the good graces of China’s government or companies. Today, Steven Roach, the chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, writes that the currency manipulation problem is all in our heads. …

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Brazil warns of world currency war

The following article appeared in the here. The world is in an “international currency war” as governments manipulate their currencies to improve their export competitiveness, said Guido Mantega, the Brazilian Finance Minister. Mr Mantega’s speech to Brazilian industrial leaders on Monday included some of the strongest comments to date…

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US House Makes Sure Currency Bill Is WTO Consistent

The following article is reprinted from the Steel Business Briefing, which is subscription only. ***** US House Makes Sure Currency Bill Is WTO Consistent September 27, 2010 Steel Business Briefing A US Congressional committee has reworked a piece of currency legislation to make sure it’s consistent with WTO rules. The…

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Tide Turning on China Currency: Opponents Recycling Tired Arguments

The following article by Robert E. Scott, Senior international Economist and Director of International Programs, Economist Policy Institute, appeared in the Huffington Post here. Hearings held last week by the House Ways and Means and Senate Banking Committees marked a turning point in Congressional debate on China’s currency manipulation policies….

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Bill combating China currency to advance

The following article by Howard Schneider appeared in The Washington Post here. House leaders are moving forward with legislation to combat China’s currency policies, adding to pressure from the Obama administration and giving lawmakers an election-year chance to vote on a sensitive trade matter. The House Ways and Means Committee…

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