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Should We Close the Office of the US Trade Representative?

The Office of the US Trade Representative is located, bureaucratically, within the Executive Office of the President.  It is a cabinet level position.  It is worth considering whether the USTR should exist.  I would argue that the USTR should be disbanded and placed within the Department of Commerce. 1.  The…

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Obama Renewing Push on Dangerous Fast Track Bill

The Administration is a cluster of contradictions without a plan to benefit the economy or preserve our sovereignty. President Obama wants to remedy income inequality and yet pushes job-killing, economy shrinking trade and global government deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). He wants Congress to transfer a vast swath of…

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Senator Ben Cardin Pushes Consumption Tax in Tax Reform

A border adjustable consumption tax can shrink the income tax and increase U.S. trade and production competitiveness. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) has been pushing a border adjustable consumption tax as a way to reduce reliance on income taxes and increase our international competitiveness.  I have found bi-partisan support for this approach…

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Stan Sorscher Radio Interview on the TPP

Stan Sorscher, of SPEEA and a CPA board member, is interviewed in this radio show, on KUOW in Washington state, regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The first six minutes are pro-TPP by the Washington Council of International Trade (WCIT).  At about the six minute mark, Stan presents a more cautionary view….

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CPA meetings in DC… a Bunch of Them

Several of us were in DC this past week on a CPA Congressional Education trip.  I was joined by David Frengel (Penn United Technologies), Stephani Scruggs (912 PAC), Dave Ferriman and Karl Rusnak (Economy in Crisis), Ken Mayo (CPA’s Florida co-chair and Tea Party liaison) and Charles Blum (CPA Gov’t…

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Ron Kind and Adrian Smith are wrong on Fast Track

What are Ron Kind and Adrian Smith thinking (see below)?  The Trans-Pacific Partnership they promote in their fact-free appeal is a War against American Prosperity. So… why would Congress want to give its power over trade and domestic issues, to a President who has stiff-armed them so far in the…

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Obamacare: If you like your current health plan, you can keep it. Obamatrade: If you like your current job, you can keep it.

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Allen West Opposing Fast Track trade authority

Here is a recent email blast from Allen West opposing Fast Track trade authority for President Obama.   **** Below please find a special message from one of our advertisers, Lt Col (retired) Allen West. From time to time, we find opportunities that may be of interest to valued subscribers like…

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Compilation of Leaked, Secret TPP Documents

Wikileaks has released many documents from the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership global government agreement.  Here is a compilation of those documents.  A January 15, 2014 press release by Wikileaks shows the comments and analysis by Julian Assange. TPP Intellectual Property Chapter TPP Salt Lake City Extracts TPP Salt Lake City Positions TPP Positions…

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Wikileaks Releases more TPP Documents – Environment

Wikileaks just released the text of the entire environmental chapter of the TPP and a Working Group report on the topic.  The documents show the parties are far from agreement on environmental standards and whether will be enforceable. Here is the Wikileaks press release: Press release: Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement…

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