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We’ll do anything to win


I’m on a road trip in Florida, with other CPA members, to talk about the war on sovereignty and the war on prosperity represented by the U.S. trade policy and especially Fast Track and the Trans Pacific Partnership.  Like the post office, we’ll fight through adversity to deliver the message!…

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They’re still trying to hack Trade Reform


Between 2a and 3a eastern time last night, a hacker from somewhere attempted 470 attempts to hack in to our Trade Reform site from 150 servers across the world. Can’t pin this on the Chinese because we don’t know where its from for sure.

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Emailing Congress does help


CPA keeps sending you communications, asking that you send an email to Congress against Fast Track trade authority or for other matters. It does work.  Here’s a letter from Rep. Richard Neal in Massachusetts stating his opposition to Fast Track.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Fast Track Authority


A video from Economy in Crisis.  

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Sen. Isakson on Fast Track


A CPA member emailed a request to Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia to not support abdicating Congress’ trade authority to President Obama.  There is a strong move to deny or re-tool trade authority because of Constitutional concerns, because the Executive Branch won’t follow Congress’ guidelines and keeps the negotiations secret,…

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Brian O’Shaughnessy and House Members Blast Trade Negotiations


Brian O’Shaughnessy is the chief co-chair of the CPA board.  He appeared in a teleconference for the press on Thursday (10/3/13) with Reps. Rosa DeLauro and Jim McDermott among others.  Here is the report from Utica Observer Dispatch. ***** Revere Copper chairman blasts trade negotiations By NED CAMPBELL Observer-Dispatch Posted…

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“Trade Facilitation” and “harmonization” mean getting sick from food


Euphemism:  a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing. You may have heard some groups talk about the need for “trade facilitation”.  That means no inspection.  No border delays.  Just bring in the subsidized…

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NPR: These are America’s Disappearing Jobs


NPR has a slideshow of the 10 job categories most reduced in number within the last 10 years.

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Top 10 Reasons for a VAT


Charles Blum, CPA’s Director of Government Relations, spoke in July at the National Press Club regarding the top 10 reasons for a consumption tax (a VAT one type of consumption tax. Here is CPA’s flyer on the consumption tax.  

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Chinese still attacking TradeReform site


I reported two weeks ago that the Chinese were attacking TradeReform.  They have taken us down three times, for short periods of time.  They are also spam-bot-ting our event sign up pages. So we’re still doing pretty good.  But I can’t guarantee that we’ll keep them out.  We’re backing up…

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