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China’s WTO Bait and Switch: Mercantilism Growing

Remember the glowing promises surrounding the 2000 debate about China joining the WTO?  All the promises we heard from our U.S. officials?  All wrong.  Have they admitted being wrong?  No.  That’s why you can’t trust trade agreement proponents. The USTR has released a new mandated report on China’s WTO compliance….

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USTR Dangerously Ignores Balance of Trade

A core problem of our trade policy is that officials refuse to acknowledge that the balance of trade matters.  Have you ever… I mean ever… heard a trade official talk about the balance of trade?  Its the elephant in the room.  You’d think they’d make an offhand remark about it…

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Reid says “no” to Fast Track

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid puts Fast Track on the No-Go Track. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Wednesday suggested he will not bring legislation to the floor that would grant President Obama greater trade powers. Reid said he is “against” trade promotion authority (TPA) legislation — often called…

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Obama Says Little on Trade in SOTU

After placing a high priority on finishing the Trans-Pacific Partnership in 2013 (and failing, thank goodness), and after the January introduction of the Fast Track trade authority bill wanted by the Administration, the President was satisfyingly mute on misguided trade agreements in the State of the Union speech last night….

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Davos: Trade Ministers go for more Global Government

Under the false guise of helping third world countries via the WTO trade agreement, the Very Smart People in Davos want to expand the global trade regime of the WTO.  No word on correcting the massive, persistent and destabilizing trade imbalances that the WTO and the trade ministers have helped…

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Bay Bridge Concealment: Chinese Steel Welding, Hundreds of Cracks

Steel welding done on the Bay Bridge by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. had hundreds of cracks.  But CalDOT management prevented quality control engineers from disclosing them. The California DOT refused to buy steel and other Bay Bridge components from U.S. companies and workers.  It was “cheaper” to buy from…

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Should We Close the Office of the US Trade Representative?

The Office of the US Trade Representative is located, bureaucratically, within the Executive Office of the President.  It is a cabinet level position.  It is worth considering whether the USTR should exist.  I would argue that the USTR should be disbanded and placed within the Department of Commerce. 1.  The…

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Obama Renewing Push on Dangerous Fast Track Bill

The Administration is a cluster of contradictions without a plan to benefit the economy or preserve our sovereignty. President Obama wants to remedy income inequality and yet pushes job-killing, economy shrinking trade and global government deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). He wants Congress to transfer a vast swath of…

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Senator Ben Cardin Pushes Consumption Tax in Tax Reform

A border adjustable consumption tax can shrink the income tax and increase U.S. trade and production competitiveness. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) has been pushing a border adjustable consumption tax as a way to reduce reliance on income taxes and increase our international competitiveness.  I have found bi-partisan support for this approach…

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Stan Sorscher Radio Interview on the TPP

Stan Sorscher, of SPEEA and a CPA board member, is interviewed in this radio show, on KUOW in Washington state, regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The first six minutes are pro-TPP by the Washington Council of International Trade (WCIT).  At about the six minute mark, Stan presents a more cautionary view….

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