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DOC Secretary Pritzker Continues War on Prosperity


Penny Pritzker is the Secretary of Commerce.  The Department of Commerce should be ground zero for a national manufacturing strategy that creates, builds and strengthens U.S. supply chains and creates jobs for U.S. workers.  Commerce should be the equivalent of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) which can continuously…

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NY Times Criticizes Administration Trade Policy


The NY Times Editorial Board questioned trade agreements in a relatively deep way today in an editorial.  They’ve gone off the reservation.  It connected trade agreements with massive job loss in manufacturing… finally.  The editorial further unravels so-called Washington Consensus on trade which says you just need to “lower trade barriers” and…

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Fact Checking Michael Froman – Fibs or Not


Just getting to this today.  USTR Froman testified at an April 3, 2014 Ways and Means Committee hearing.  Below is his testimony. Because it is a big steaming pile of… misleading garbage, I thought it most helpful to annotate with commentary.  The neoliberal-trade-speak seems so reasonable until you actually start…

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Sen. Wyden’s Speech on Fast Track and Trade Policy


Senator Ron Wyden has taken over from Max Baucus as chair of the Senate Finance Committee.  Wyden did not agree with Baucus’ approach on Fast Track trade authority.  Last week he gave the first substantive public speech outlining his thoughts on the issue.  Below is the prepared text of that…

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China’s bloated steel industry and predatory pricing


China’s steel industry is stated owned.  They massively subsidized it.  The gross supply is too big for the country’s domestic demand.  They don’t build according to any free market principles.  They build according to the Chinese Communist Party’s Five Year Plan and to mollify provincial government officials. It is a…

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U.S. Negotiating Trade Agreement with Brunei – Sharia Law


Brunei is a part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations being conducted by the Obama Administration.  The country is now transitioning to Sharia law. No word on whether violations of this global governance pact will include dismemberment. Concern as Brunei brings in system of Islamic law with punishments that include the…

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Rep. Dave Camp retiring


From Politico: Michigan Rep. Dave Camp, the chairman of the prestigious Ways and Means Committee, will not run for reelection in November, the veteran GOP lawmaker announced on Monday. Camp was first elected in 1990, in a class that also included Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). “Serving in Congress is the…

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Michele Nash-Hoff presentation on California Manufacturing


  Michele Nash-Hoff gave an overview of California manufacturing at the CPA event in Brea, California, called “Manufacturing in the Golden State,” on March 19, 2014.  Michele is the Chair of the CPA California Chapter and the president of Electro-Fab Sales.  Her presentation is below.

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Michael Stumo on Consumption Taxes and Trade in California


I gave one of the presentations at our  CPA event in Brea, California, called “Manufacturing in the Golden State,” last week. My role was to discuss the global trade disadvantage the U.S. faces because of our near-exclusive reliance on non-border adjustable taxes – like income tax.  The presentation discusses that trade problem…

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Dan DiMicco on U.S. Jobs, Trade and Economic Policy


  Dan DiMicco gave the keynote presentation at a CPA event in Brea California, called “Manufacturing in the Golden State,” last week.  Dan is a member of the CPA Board of Directors and is Chairman Emeritus of Nucor Corporation.  Here is his presentation.

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