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Jack Lew Evades Jim Cramer’s Trade Questions on CNBC

  Treasury Secretary Jack Lew refused to answer question about U.S. trade performance under trade agreements.  Jim Cramer of CNBCpressed Lew on whether we have surpluses under our trade agreements, to no avail. (Of course an accurate answer would be that our trade agreements produce large net negative trade results for…

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NAM asks for Tariff Elimination in TPP

In a world of complex and multidimensional mercantilism that goes far beyond tariffs, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and others still focus on tariffs.  Tariffs are the kindergarten version of trade distortions… and indeed tariffs have been used as a way to combat trade distortions and create growth. Some…

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NY Times Editorial Board stuck in 1990′s groupthink on trade

The NY Times Editorial Board still thinks tariff-reductions bring prosperity. They are championing negotiations to reduce tariffs on environmentally related goods among the U.S., EU and China. Its as if the last 40 years of persistent trade deficit corresponding with tariff reductions and replacement mercantilism did not happen. Because they…

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Some comedy from Jack Lew on a Friday

Ha, ha, ha… The U.S. Treasury Secretary and his top aides left Beijing last night thinking they had a won big battle in their effort to get China to strengthen the value of the yuan. China had agreed to reduce intervention in its currency markets to “what are really extraordinary…

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China: We won’t stop price-fixing our currency

The U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue is occurring this week.  For at least 10 years, the U.S. has asked China “pretty please… can you stop manipulating and undervaluing your renminbi?”  China always says “No… we want to grow really fast so we won’t stop.” Of course, they are growing really…

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CPA Letter regarding Currency Manipulation Issues in Trade Agreements

One of CPA’s top issues is currency manipulation.  Paul Volcker once said: “In five minutes, exchange rates can wipe out what it took trade negotiators ten years to accomplish.” CPA and others sent a letter to Secretary Jacob Lew and Ambassador Michael Froman last week demanding that any future trade agreements…

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Astounding: U.S. Officials Negotiating to Speed China State Purchasing of U.S. Companies

China is aggressively challenging the U.S. militarily, economically, politically, financially, and in almost every aspect of geopolitical rivalry that matters.  Except Wall Street.  Wall Street gets what it wants.  A bilateral investment treaty is moving forward.  Another secret global governance treaty that the banksters are pushing regardless of harm to U.S….

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China has an ExIm Bank too. And it’s aggressive.

There is a question as to whether the U.S. Export-Import Bank will be reauthorized when it is set to expire in September.  While it is a small piece of the trade issue, CPA supports continuation of the ExIm Bank.  The U.S. needs a comprehensive plan to increase manufacturing and agricultural production…

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CPA Quoted in Time Magazine this Week

CPA was quoted in the current edition of Time magazine.  The article “Coalition of the Unwilling” focused upon surprise victory of David Brat over Eric Cantor and expanded to explore the commonalities between the left and the right on certain important issues of the day. **** What Brat’s victory really highlights…

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OMB Factoryless Goods Production Rule – Webinar Materials

CPA held a webinar today on the OMB’s dangerous “Factoryless Goods Production” rule.  Rob Scott, Economic Policy Institute, presented.  His slides are below.  THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: CPA, Copper & Brass Fabricators Council, Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Assn, AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council, New American Colonies, Int’l Brotherhood of Teamsters, Dayton…

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