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North American Union sought among NAFTA believers

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Ideology is really handy and efficient, because you know the answer before you do the research.  Facts don’t matter.

The folks that gave us NAFTA continue to push for a full North American integration like the European Union.  The NAFTA-20 meeting was held in San Antonio last November.  Robert Pastor is credited as the Father of the North American Union idea.

While treading softly around the obvious concerns about national sovereignty, and overtly denying that his vision is equivalent to a North American Union patterned after the European Union (which is visibly crumbling before our eyes), Pastor went on to lay out a vision that’s identical to a NAU.

Pastor proposes this North American framework:

1) Creating a common security perimeter (erase our borders)
2) A single ‘common’ or ‘seamless’ market (versus each nation’s individual commerce, market, & currency)
3) Reduction in the development gap between Mexico and its North American counterparts (prioritizing Mexican education and workforce development vs each nation educating its own citizens)
4) Intercontinental infrastructure (NAFTA trade corridors like the Trans Texas Corridor)
5) Labor mobility between the three countries (open borders)
6) Tribunal on investment disputes (erase U.S. law, replace with international law)

With sovereignty-eroding words like ‘harmonization,’ ‘regionalization,’ ‘common,’ ‘trans-national,’ ‘continental,’ ‘cross border,’ and ‘trilateral’ repeatedly used to describe the relationship between the NAFTA countries, there can be no mistake that erasing borders and national identities in favor of a North American ‘community’ is the goal of NAFTA — and without the consent of the citizens from each nation. National priorities would give way to regional ones, and taking resources and wealth from one nation and giving it another for the sake of the ‘whole,’ is nothing more than wealth redistribution and socialism.

And “Buy American” is an epithet to these folks.

Canadian Consul General Paula Caldwell St.-Onge…  warned, “We need to protect ourselves from protectionist views,” echoing Sarukhan’s sentiments. “When you say ‘buy American’ you’re wrong. We should buy North American.”

The real world has no impact on their utopian fantasies, despite the EU failure.

2 Responses to “North American Union sought among NAFTA believers”

  1. Sorscher says:

    Trade is very different from economic integration. Trade, arguably, can be win-win with mutual gain. Economic integration is all about leveling and is often win-lose.

    The EU has always known this. Before the EU admitted Ireland, they invested in Irish education and social infrastructure. To qualify for EU membership, all countries must meet standards for health care, vacations, sick leave, maternity leave and other measures of living standards. EVEN SO, the tensions from Greece, Portugal and Ireland are difficult to manage.

    It is important to keep sight of the differences between trade and economic integration.

  2. Joe Brooks says:

    A fairly detailed discussion of NAFTA:


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