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News Release: CPA Adds Greg Autry as Economist

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December 21, 2012

News Release

Contact:  Sara Haimowitz, 202.688.5145,

CPA Proud to Add Greg Autry as Economist

The Coalition for a Prosperous America is pleased to announce the addition of Greg Autry to our team.  Greg teaches economics and management at the University of California Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business. He publishes regularly in the form of academic writing, popular writing and books. Greg co-authored Death by China with Professor Peter Navarro.

“As CPA grows, it has become essential to add even more economic expertise,” said Michael Stumo, CEO.  “Because Greg teaches economics in a business school, he approaches the discipline more strategically than is common for general economists.  He is an expert in macro-economics, business strategy, and of course, international trade theory and practice.”

Greg Autry will assist the CPA effort through research, writing, publishing and speaking.  We intend to add more economic and trade data to the CPA websites and presentations in a way that is accessible and informative to members, supporters, policy makers and the media.

Ian Fletcher remains CPA’s Senior Economist.

“We are committed to making an even bigger impact on the trade debate in 2013,” continued Stumo. “The new Congress cannot hope to rebuild the U.S. economy without addressing the trade deficit or without crafting a national strategy to produce more of what we consume.”

The Coalition for a Prosperous America is a nonprofit organization representing the interests of 2.7 million households through our agricultural, manufacturing and labor members.


4 Responses to “News Release: CPA Adds Greg Autry as Economist”

  1. Will Wilkin says:

    Does this mean we’ll be reading demonizations of China rather than a sober look at Washington DC and Wall Street? I hope not. China’s leadership is doing a lot better job of advancing their national interest than America’s leadership. National interest defined as the welfare of their people and long-term strength of their economy. China has massively decreased poverty and built infrastructure and industrial plant and that wealth has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty. In the US, wealth has concentrated upwards as the 1% get rich offshoring our industries, jobs, GDP, tax base and national economic strength. America’s elites refuse to invest in our infrastructure or create the jobs Americans need. America’s elites seem to have tied themselves to the fate of multinational corporations, not to America itself as a viable economy and society. I hope Mr. Autry will turn his attention to what American government and business can do to restore American prosperity. Blaming the Chinese seems to only exonerate those who have betrayed us, and distracts from how only American policy changes can fix our problems.

    • Greg Autry says:

      Firstly, let me say you’re right on that America’s problems are a failure of leadership at home. We have everything needed to compete other than the ambitoin, planning and execution.

      However, part of that failing is a disasterous “engagement policy” with a communist dictatorship. Now, let me throw some cold water on those who are so eager to praise communist state capitalism. The CCP has only held the Chinese nation back for more than two decades while it Asian tiger neighbors copied America and lept into the future. Look at the Korea on the TV show MASH and look at the Korea of “Gangnam style.” China simply copied late and made the tragic blunder of not privatizing their dominant state owned enterprises. SOEs are 50% of the economy and growing faster than the capital starved private sector. Which has created an unsustainable and corruption ridden bubble economy not a model.

      As to “demonization” the cold hard reality is that they have nuclear weapons pointed at your home and are growing their military faster than their GDP. OH, and they sell the organs of executed politcal and religous prisoners for profit. Call that whatever you’d like.

      Again, I totally agree with you that the solution is to change American policies so they support American workers and not foreign dictatorships in China, Iran or wherever. Though I personally support the Chinese dissident community my interest at CPA is to push policies that work for America.

      – Greg Autry

  2. Joe Brooks says:

    Mr Autry has a powerful style, is another knowledgeable and patriotic American Economist with a clear view of history, the American System and the current realities of International Trade.

    As more economists join the effort, we will see the CPA’s benevolent agenda for American prosperity grow.

    My brother and I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Navarro, a brave man, trying to ring the bell for the majority of academics, who live in a cloister of like minded “free trade” ostriches.


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