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America’s Manufacturing Crisis: Finally Harvard Gets It

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Reposted from Forbes


America’s Manufacturing Crisis: Finally Harvard Gets It

Eamonn Fingleton | October 2, 2012 | Forbes

Some of us have long argued that the United States has been committing economic suicide by letting its once-peerless manufacturing base fade away. To those who have investigated the facts, the case has, for decades, seemed unchallengeable. Yet it has received virtually no support from the American scholarly establishment. Now finally academe seems to be waking up.

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One Response to “America’s Manufacturing Crisis: Finally Harvard Gets It”

  1. Joe Brooks says:

    Well, I certainly hope some of these Ivy League “economists” have a shred of integrity.

    This is an example of Harvard dialectics, from a few years ago. They used to allow comments, but that ended as many people destroyed these inane concepts and videos, they also took the sociopath Ayn Rand’s name out of their URL.

    He will never admit it, but he is telling us what the American System did, before it was destroyed by his type of “reasoning”.


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