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CPA Webinar Recap: Trade Remedies Demystified


CPA presented its first webinar today.  The topic was trade remedies, i.e. how do we enforce existing trade laws.  David “Skip” Hartquist, Gilbert Kaplan and Charles Blum did a great job presenting on the topic in a knowledgeable manner.

For those of you who missed it, and for those who attended, you can see the slide shows from the webinar below.

The first presentation was by Skip Hartquist: “Overview of the Antidumping Process.”  Here are his slides.


The second presentation was by Gil Kaplan: “AD/CVD Order Enforcement.”

The third presentation was by Skip Hartquist: “Enforcement Tools/Addressing Customs Fraud.”

The fourth presentation was by Gil Kaplan: “Section 337 Investigations.”

The last presentation was by Charles Blum: “Implications of the 2012 Election for Trade Policy.”

One Response to “CPA Webinar Recap: Trade Remedies Demystified”

  1. Joel Ross says:

    This webinar was a very good idea. Many of us American manufacturers who have foreign competitors, and/or export our products don’t know exactly how these issues work, how to determine if we are in an unfair competition situation according to Commerce’s rules. This helps. If you didn’t participate in the webinar, it still helps to view the slides on this website.


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