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Press Release from Speaker of the House Boehner

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Boehner Statement on GOP Steering Committee Recommendations for Committee Chairmanships in the 113th Congress

November 27, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement today on the House Republican Steering Committee’s chairmanship recommendations for the 113th Congress.  The Steering Committee’s recommendations will be presented to the full House Republican Conference tomorrow for ratification.

“Our team will continue focusing on reforms that will grow our economy and create new jobs, and on holding the Obama administration accountable through aggressive oversight of the Executive Branch.  The House of Representatives is an outpost in Democratic-controlled Washington for the priorities of the American people, and I have every confidence that the chairmen selected today are up to the task of translating those priorities into solutions Americans are counting on to get our economy moving again.”  


NOTE: Chairmanship selections for the House Administration and Ethics Committees will be announced at a later date. A full list of House Republican leadership for the 113th Congress can be found here.

6 Responses to “Press Release from Speaker of the House Boehner”

  1. Dan DiFabio says:

    Speaker Boehner has been acting as roadblock to trade reform. I was hoping that the Republicans in the House would have the common sense to replace him.

  2. Will Wilkin says:

    Which of these committees would bet the one to initiate laws to change or make our trade policy?

  3. Bruce Bishop says:

    As long as we continue to bombard dimwits like Boehner with demands that he “do something” about Chinese currency manipulation, he can continue to drag his feet and do nothing. He really can’t do anything about Chinese currency manipulation, and even if he could, it wouldn’t solve the problem.

    Unless and until we can hit him, and his colleagues, with a clear and substantive message, like “BALANCED TRADE,” nothing is going to change, except that more and more of our jobs will go offshore.

    I just recently learned that the biggest-selling tractor in this part of the country is the Mahindra, manufactured in India and assembled (they put the wheels on) in the U.S. China is only the beginning of our problems.

  4. Will Wilkin says:

    Maybe we need a new committee with a straightforward name and agenda: “Employment and Trade.

  5. Joe Brooks says:

    I live 10 miles from one of Boehner’s Ohio offices. I have dropped off relevant trade information several times, after speaking with someone there. They assured they would at least look at. I am sure it goes in the round file, so I quit wasting cds. I used cds so they could lift one finger and click on URLs.

    Never heard a word.


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