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NY Congressional Candidate Endorses CPA’s 21st Century Trade Agreement Principles

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Congressional candidate Dan Lamb, the opponent to Rep. Richard Hanna for New York’s 24th congressional district, endorsed the Coalition for a Prosperous America’s 21st Century Trade Agreement Principles.

Lamb formally agreed to endorse the Principles following a meeting with Brian O’Shaughnessy, CPA’s Co Chair for Manufacturing.  Lamb had previously visited Revere Copper Products, of which O’Shaughnessy is the Chairman, to learn about how trade laws and policies impact American producers.  Lamb said he would seek a review of trade laws to ensure U.S. trade competitiveness.

Lamb also supports the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act (HR 639), which would neutralize foreign currency manipulation through countervailing and anti dumping duties.

You can sign on to CPA’s 21st Century Trade Agreement Principles here.

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