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Another Congressional Candidate, Dave Anderson (CO), Endorses Trade Principles

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We have more good news: Dave Anderson (I), congressional candidate for Colorado’s 5th district, has also signed on to the 21st Century Trade Agreement Principles.  He is running against Rep. Doug Lamborn (R) who has an “F” trade grade from CPA. There is no Democrat running for this seat.

Dave Anderson is a long time member of CPA. He believes that restoring American jobs and economic vitality is crucial to maintaining American values, security, and strength.

CPA does not endorse candidates, but works to educate them on the need for balanced trade and a national production strategy to generate growth, jobs and wealth.

You can visit Dave’s campaign site here, and you can sign on to CPA’s 21st Century Trade Agreement Principles here.

One Response to “Another Congressional Candidate, Dave Anderson (CO), Endorses Trade Principles”

  1. China Watcher says:

    All CPA members and friends should use the next two weeks to ask their congressman or wannabe to endorse this excellent statement. At some point — either in the lame duck session or more likely next year — whoever is in the White House is highly likely to seek trade negotiating authority from the Congress. This will be the best opportunity for us to get the Congress to focus on these issues.


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