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A Worthwhile Independent for Congress

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[Editors Note: CPA does not endorse candidate.  The views of Ian Fletcher are his own.]

I want to ignore the big election for a minute and focus on one congressional race in Colorado. This is a race that’s more important than most people realize, because it examples one of the few genuine attempts to get America beyond its present partisan gridlock.

Most independent or third-party congressional candidacies are acts of vanity or delusion. Such candidates almost never win, and they can spoil elections in favor of undeserving candidates by drawing more votes from one side than the other.

Dave Anderson, in Colorado’s 5th district (around Colorado Springs), is an exception.

For a start, there is no Democratic candidate in the race, so there is no issue of his being a spoiler.

For a second, his Republican opponent, two-term incumbent Doug Lamborn, is the worst kind of Republican: harshly conservative on issues where this achieves nothing, and a limp sell-out on those issues where conservative principles can actually do some good.

Lamborn is also spectacularly bad on trade issues, my own area of expertise.  His voting record received an “F” from the Coalition for a Prosperous America, my employer.

We at CPA are a bipartisan organization.  We cannot endorse anyone.  But it is my personal opinion, upon which I am prepared to stake my reputation, that Dave Anderson means what he says on trade issues.  I have discussed them with him extensively, and the man gets it.  He recently endorsed CPA’s “21st Century Trade Agreement Principles,” an attempt to formulate what America must do differently.

You can find his website at


5 Responses to “A Worthwhile Independent for Congress”

  1. William Ryan says:

    “Throw the bums out!” is the quote that needs to be loudly sounded through out this election.

  2. Tom Neppl says:

    Ian is right on this one and for all the right reasons. The 5CD in Colorado is a Republican stronghold, nothing wrong with that unless you have the wrong guy elected to represent the district. Doug’s record confirms the fact the he rarely meets halfway. Doug’s big issue last year was de-funding National Public Radio, not what most would consider a critical issue in the middle of some major issues.

    Dave is not a career politician. Dave is passionate and knowledgeable with respect to tax, trade and economics. Dave is doing this for the right reason, to educate and influence our elected in Washington on the massive loss of American jobs, wealth, security, status, etc with respect to unfair trade agreements and outdated tax system.

    Go Dave!

  3. Bob Hall says:

    Dave Anderson is a good man — hopefully the future of American politics.

    But Fletcher’s “spoiler” nonsense plays into the wrong hands. God forbid we should spoil their two-party/one-pocket fun by rejecting their official Democrats and Republicans to vote for better candidates beyond their control.

    When you said CPA is “bi”-partisan, did you mean that you favor a two-party system — or would “non”-partisan have been more accurate?

  4. Will Wilkin says:

    I too would much prefer NONpartisan, since BIpartisan tends to mean big mistakes.

  5. Michael says:

    The DNC and GOP are two sides of the same coin. The political machines that both parties represent, completely control their respective congressional members and none of that will change until we get money out of politics with publicly funded elections.


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