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Why Obama is on the Offense in Ohio

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Reposted from the Death by China blog


Why Obama is on the Offense in Ohio

Greg Autry  |  September 19, 2012  |  Death By China blog

Want to know why President Obama has just gone on the offensive on China trade policy?   See the results of this just released Zogby poll commissioned by Death By China Productions.  The poll shows Obama faces a huge “soft on China” gap relative to Mitt Romney in the key swing state of Ohio – and some very interesting findings as well.

New Zogby Poll in Crucial Ohio Swing State

  • Obama and Romney in Statistical Dead Heat
  • Obama Faces Large “Soft on China” Gap
  • The Best Jobs Program is Trade Reform With China
  • Ohioans Overwhelming Support a Boycott of Made in China.

President Obama may have opened a lead in national polls, but it remains a statistical dead heat in the crucial swing state of Ohio.  In the latest Zogby Poll of 601 likely voters conducted by JZ Analytics, President Obama’s lead of 45%.3 to 43.2% over Mitt Romney is well within the statistical margin of error.

Candidates take note:  An overwhelming majority of Ohioans — 80% — agree that “the single most important issue in the 2012 Presidential race is jobs.

50% of Ohio respondents believe that the best jobs program for America is “cracking down on China’s unfair trade practices like currency manipulation, illegal export subsidies, and counterfeiting and piracy” while only 22% favor more government stimulus; and these results are consistent across liberals, moderates, and conservatives.

This finding is particularly bad news for President Obama as he faces a double digit “soft on China gap” relative to his opponent.  Fully 43% of Ohioans believe Mitt Romney is more likely to crack down on China’s unfair trade practices compared to only 30% for Obama.  Among independents where the largest bloc of undecided votes remains, this gap holds at 35% to 26% in favor of Romney.  (This finding may also help explain why Obama has recently ratcheted up his tough on China messaging.)

56% of respondents also believe “Americans should boycott Made in China products because of China’s unfair trade practices and human rights abuses” while only 19% are against the boycott.  This result is consistent across party affiliation, indicating the issue of China is an American issue, not a partisan issue.

If Obama is to win in the crucial swing state of Ohio – and thereby likely win the election — he would do well to try to close his very large “soft on China” gap not by attacking Romney for being soft on China – Ohioans won’t believe that.  Rather, Obama should carry the slogan “the best jobs program is trade reform with China” and lay out very specific policy actions that will curb China’s cheating.

For his part, Romney would do well to further press his “tough on China” advantage in Ohio by extending his campaign talking points significantly beyond his promise to brand China a currency manipulator on his first day in office.  Clearly, China’s cheating is a flashpoint for Ohio voters who have seen whole factories uprooted and replanted in China.

The Zogby Poll was commissioned by the filmmaker of Death By China Peter Navarro to benchmark attitudes of Ohioans on the China question.  Navarro is traveling throughout the state showing the film and conducting town hall meetings, with stops in Youngstown, Akron, Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Mansfield, Portsmouth, Sandusky, Athens, and Findlay.


2 Responses to “Why Obama is on the Offense in Ohio”

  1. Gov. Ehrlich and Grant Aldonas represented the Romney campaign at the Conference on the Renaissance of American Manufacturing in March 2012; the link that follows contains their presentation on behalf of Gov. Romney:

    Eight minutes into the YouTube video they opened the presentation up to questions from the floor. The first questioner asked If Ehrlich and Aldonas could think of a better way for Gov. Romney to prove to the American voters his seriousness regarding China, even before the presidential election, then by publicly requesting Dave Camp to bring the China currency manipulation bill to the house floor for a vote.

    Romney’s representatives stated that they would refer the suggestion to the campaign. Almost six months later there has been no action on the idea by Gov. Romney, while the house leadership continues to block the bill from coming to a vote. The very same bill passed the 111th Congress by a bipartisan majority of over 80% and a similar bill passed the Senate during the current session.

    Gov. Romney has squandered the opportunity to prove his genuineness and get more than a full year jump-start on China’s cheating. Yet he has made the executive decision to do nothing except spending tens a millions of dollars on campaign ads to tell the voter how tough on China he is going to be.

    • Tom T. says:

      What Romney is showing is that he wouldn’t be able to get our leaders in D.C. to implement any of his promises. He would be just like Obama in that regard or have to do everything through executive order. Our Congress is simply not earning their keep in so many areas.

      I like to see leadership, not just talk that you are a good leader. Show us, Romney, that you can actually get the House to cooperate and the Senate not to filibuster.

      As I understand it, the currency manipulation bill does nothing but give the executive branch more tools to deal with China. It in itself does not really do anything.

      Tom T.


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