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The China Protection Lobby Gears up Again

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After Mitt Romney aired a China Cheating ad, our domestic “protect China from having to play by the rules” lobby got back in gear.

First the Club for Growth made it clear that its feelings were hurt.

Yesterday the Washington Post editorial board said that it is bad to enforce trade fairness against trade cheaters because… well, you know… some unspecified bad thing might happen.

I was interviewed by German media yesterday which asked about people who say trade enforcement is protectionism.  Of course, the answer is easy.  You cannot be a free trader and support flaunting the rules.  When a country signs on the dotted line to follow the rules of an agreement, they have no basis to complain when they breach the agreement and are faced with an enforcement case.

3 Responses to “The China Protection Lobby Gears up Again”

  1. Robert says:

    Glad this has finally become political and clearly populist in the sense that the vast majority of voters favor action on China. Interesting the power of special interests that trump the interests of American citizens unless there is an election and the politicians have to listen to voters. Voters know we’ve been a no-show in the trade war China has been waging on us since 1994 and officially stated by China via Unrestricted Warfare in 1999. Simply “amazing”……………

  2. Maggie says:

    Worst thing that might happen is China retaliates against our exports of waste paper and electronic scrap and all the “American” companies that offshore our jobs and park their earnings offshore tax free. China holds the squirt gun and we hold the cannon in a trade “war”.

    • Bruce Bishop says:


      You say: “China holds the squirt gun and we hold the cannon in a trade ‘war.'”

      True that, but China loaned us the money for the cannon. If they decide to stop loaning us money, then we will have the squirt gun and they will have the cannon.

      We have come to a point where we need China much more than they need us. The greedy, incompetent, self-serving ba*tards who make up our government have gotten us into this mess.

      China could double the price on everything we buy from them and there isn’t one damn thing we could do except pay it. We could still not compete with them if they doubled their prices. If they tripled their prices, there are some products where we could compete, but it would take us years and millions of dollars to get back into the manufacturing business. No one would take that sort of risk given our corrupt, unreliable government.


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