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Response to: Romney’s Inaction on China Speaks Louder than Words

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The following comment was posted by CPA members and supporter, Hugh Campbell, in response to the USW blog post: “Romney’s Inaction on China Speaks Louder than Words”


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Romney’s Inaction on China Speaks Louder than Words

Why Obama Has Turned on China Trade Policy indicates that 43% of Ohioans believe Mitt Romney is more likely to crack down on China’s unfair trade practices compared to 30% for Obama, but Romney’s inaction on a suggestion made at the Conference on the Renaissance of American Manufacturing in March 2012, raises serious doubts.

Eight minutes into the Romney campaign’s presentation questions were taken from the floor, with the first questioner asking if Romney’s representatives could think of a better way for Gov. Romney to prove to the American voters his seriousness regarding China, even before the presidential election, then by publicly requesting Dave Camp to bring the China currency manipulation bill to the house floor for a vote.

Romney’s representatives stated that they would refer the suggestion to the campaign. Almost six months later there has been no action on the idea by Gov. Romney, while the house leadership continues to block the bill from coming to a vote. The very same bill passed the 111th Congress by a bipartisan majority of over 80% and a similar bill passed the Senate during the current session.

Gov. Romney squandered the opportunity to prove his genuineness and get more than a full year jump-start on China’s cheating. Yet he has made the executive decision to do nothing except spending tens a millions of dollars on campaign ads to tell the voter how tough on China he is going to be.

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