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Rate “Death By China”

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“Death By China” is a film by Greg Autry and Peter Navarro.  Click here to see a trailer of the film and to give it a rating.

8 Responses to “Rate “Death By China””

  1. Joe Brooks says:


    I will be seeing this at WSU Tuesday.

  2. I was fortunate to have attended the NYC premier of Death By China on August 24, 2012. I expect historians to recognize Peter Navarro to among 21st Century’s Paul Reveres.

  3. Joe Brooks says:

    Review: Death By China

    WSU hosted Peter Navarro and the documentary last night, amid much unrest by the Red Chinese students/activists attending there. The Chinese tore down the posters alerting interested parties as to the time and location of the event.

    Approximately 100 people attended, around 20 were from Red China. They behaved during the showing, albeit speaking loudly in Chinese.

    As expected, the film delivered on the director’s premise of proving that US dependence on Red China for manufacturing, food, Federal loans, commercial and military electronics and US R&D is destroying the USA, as a viable country.

    He also points out that the government and multi national corporate influence over US politicians is the root of this dependence on a mass murdering Communist country, where profits are of paramount importance, as long as the US companies are willing to give up all US patents and military secrets to the criminal Communist government of Red China.

    Upon arrival, with the signs torn down, a little difficulty locating the event would have been experienced, as the site had been moved by the president of the university at the last minute. I assume he was trying to avoid trouble. I checked shortly before going.

    The discussion panel after the film was supposed to be limited to 15 minutes, but a WSU professor named Hopkins, who was very pro Communist China and loved disastrous US unilateral “free trade” with the Communists, at our expense [300 Billion dollars/year] hogged all of the time remaining and no direct questions from the audience happened.

    Afterwards, I did get to speak with Professor Navarro, after stepping in front of a Red Chinese woman who blocked the way for 15 minutes talking “free trade” propaganda, not allowing the 30 or so people behind her to speak with him. Most Americans are too polite to just move a Communist out of their way, but I was expecting these tactics. This allowed the rest of the line a chance to speak, as well. Foreign Communist activism in Dayton, Ohio is here.

    During the few minutes I had to speak with the Professor, he said that import tariffs were the answer to our problems.

    “Foreign spies have become much more common in America’s higher education institutions over the last five years, reports Bloomberg. The FBI says many of them are Chinese nationals.”

    • Tom T. says:

      I would think that a cooperative effort between the FBI and the CIA would be able to use Navarro’s appearances to infiltrate these people who are tampering with free speech. This isn’t just someone tearing down a poster, this is a lot more than that.

      Every bit of this could be stopped if only there was a will to do so. Instead we have apologist politicians who are so afraid of actually having to tax Americans if the Chinese lending machine is threatened. Talk about a loss of sovereignty…..

      Tom T.

      • Joe Brooks says:

        Agreed, Tom.

        As the FBI states, the issue of Chinese colonization of the US has accelerated geometrically in the last few years.

        Have you noticed the changing demographics of many commercials recently? I have seen more of the Great Wall of China more in the last 18 months than the previous 57 years.

        • Tom T. says:

          What I see is that the oligarchs here have more in common with Chinese oligarchs than they do with the rest of the people in the nation. Their interests are being catered to by the political elite because they have the money. This influence will ensure that the interests of the nation at large come in second to the interests of the monied elite who pull the puppet strings. It is principals (people with power and money) over principles. It is the breaking of the Christian golden rule for the world’s golden rule.

          I don’t have anything against the Chinese people, their culture, or their wonderful history. In one of my former residences, my best friend was 100% Chinese. It is the accumulation of power to the elites that bothers me. Of course communism and the eastern philosophy stresses the over all good in place of the individual’s rights/freedoms. We are not seeing enough movement in the direction of individual rights/freedoms in the Chinese system for what we are giving them (our markets) and instead are allowing the worst oligarchs here arbitrage that difference to the detriment of our system.

          When principals over rule principles, the civilization is undermined. I see our system rewarding the wrong “principals (ples)”. It is pervasive and it is dangerous to the overall good of the nation for the benefit of the few.

          Tom T.

          • Joe Brooks says:

            The Chinese leadership has promoted Economic Nationalism and their Communist version of Manifest Destiny to their citizens.

            The CCP members clearly buy into this Global Communism vision of domination of all other peoples by Communist China.

            The original US tried what some consider a similar path, but the goal was universal freedom and civil rights, not slavery. For decades we exported the American System concept to other countries in an attempt to uplift the masses. What we have now is military force and anti American economic nationalism. I know that the CCP does not allow history books in their classrooms that bemoan their very existence, while eliminating a patriotic view of their country, as we do.

            CCP members enjoy tremendous advantages in Red China, so they will endorse their own prosperity at the expense of other Chinese and nations. The hypocrisy demonstrated by the Chinese here is astounding, as they ram their dominance and culture into every place they do not belong. Older report, but even more valid, now:

            “Nationalistic messages calling for Chinese solidarity and the boycott of foreign goods have spread like wildfire in Internet chat rooms.”


  4. Mo says:

    What is interesting is that the US is printing money out of thin air to fund the rise of China. The US uses China to export inflation because the US doesn’t have enough resources to print money to fund wars, overseas military bases, artificial consumption with debt, financial speculation, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

    It seems history is repeating itself because during the cold war the US sold high tech equipment to the Soviet Union in the 1960s that built up their military.


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