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Friedman says…

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Thomas Friedman is an idiot re China policy.

7 Responses to “Friedman says…”

  1. Joe Brooks says:

    Agreed, Friedman is an idiot. On everything.

  2. China Watcher says:

    The Chinese respect strength, and only strength. The US exudes weakness, exemplified by its incessant harping on currency misalignment without any sign action. When you have legal rights and choose not to enforce them, you’re as much a part of the problem as the perpetrator. This is the shame of the past three presidents and every treasury secretary with the partial exception of John Snow. If I were advising the Chinese, I’d say stand pat until the Americans show they’re serious.

  3. Burl Finkelstein says:

    Freedman is atempting to justify the world acording to WalMart

  4. Tom T. says:

    Friedman needs to know that the Chinese are the hold outs when it comes to Iran and they use dollars earned from us to buy their oil. They also support the N. Korean dictator in the total abuse of that society.

    It would be better to stop all trade with China and have the Treasury borrow the money they need from the U.S. public. We have interest rates near all time lows but a huge problem with employment. Both might just be so successful that our nation gets turned around.

    The best way to deal with China, of course, is to do it quietly. There is some evidence that this is taking place if read past the headlines. President Obama did push China on trade by going there and then showing token force in the area afterwards. The Chinese wages are going up, and that is a good thing. Their economy does have to change from one just producing our goods to one rich enough to buy even their own goods they produce. There are signs that it is happening.

    Friedman sounds like an apologist to the status quo. Unfortunately the status quo isn’t good for the U.S. economy nor is it good for the Chinese economy. It is the oligarchs on both sides of the Pacific who have been the greatest beneficiaries as everyone else has suffered or been lulled into the current economic nightmare.

    Tom T.

  5. Dan DiFabio says:

    Thomas Friedman’s column is utterly preposterous. It is quite possible that Thomas Friedman is on the payroll of Communist China.

    • Joe Brooks says:

      Dan, agreed. Zakaria? His july 23, 2012 Time column is Dialectic nonsense.

      Here he says “try all the best ideas, no matter where they come from”.

      With one glaring omission; no mention of the Founders American School of Economics.


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