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China helping to foil Iran sanctions

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This from a foreign policy newsletter.


China Reform Monitor No. 984 August 22, 2012
American Foreign Policy Council, Washington, DC

“A formula has been found to foil the U.S. unilateral sanctions” thus allowing China to maintain its oil purchase from Iran, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific Affairs, Abbas Araqchi, told the official news agency IRNA. “Any new limitation and sanction imposed by the U.S. and Europe might be effective in the short run but would immediately be foiled through Iran’s innovative ways and mutual cooperation because the other party [China] does not want to buy energy more expensively.” In response to concerns about the quality of Chinese imports to Iran Araqchi said China manufactures “high quality goods. They do not export low quality commodities to Iran; rather, our traders import low quality products.”


One Response to “China helping to foil Iran sanctions”

  1. Nancy Kosling says:

    China Reform Monitor No.984 August 22,2012
    I understand the U.S. need to inflict sanctions on Iran to curb military tool build up in their military science programs. At the same time I understand China’s need to import oil and export goods to avoid a crash in their own economy. Business wheels must continue to turn or any economy suffers. The China Reform Monitor news made me smile. Mutual self-interest has produced innovative ways to keep their respective problems under control. Let us put the shoes on our own feet. What would the U.S.A. do if we bought and paid for oil from the Saudis and another country imposed sanctions on the Saudis so we couldn’t take delivery. Would we be in-your-face? I know many Americans that would take that stand. A compromise to keep our country in fuel would be more likely and much more effective.


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