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Arcanum clothing maker to expand operations

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Reposted from the Dayton Daily News


Arcanum clothing maker to expand operations

Steve Bennish  |  August 1, 2012  |  Dayton Daily News

ARCANUM, Darke County – All American Clothing Co. said Wednesday it plans to hire 10 new employees over the next year as it expands into a new headquarters and production facility.

The family-owned company, which now sells its all-USA-made goods online, is dedicated to bucking the trend of American apparel production moving off-shore, said owner Lawson Nickol.

“We are walking into the face of a major storm and our intention is to walk out the other side with more people with jobs, and to keep that business in the U.S.,” Nickol said.

The company now contracts cutting and sewing to firms in Kentucky and Texas, but will start up production here over the next year, Nickol said. He started the company in 2002 with his son BJ and wife Mary Ann after his apparel industry employer began to shift production abroad.

Including the building, the company plans equipment investments in excess of $1 million, Nickol said. Although he declined to disclose total sales, Nickol said the company’s sales are in the millions. The company closed on the building Friday.

The 45,000-square-foot building at 1 Pop Rite Drive will have warehousing space, a showroom, a retail store, and main offices for employees.The building complex formerly housed a popcorn factory and lately a cabinet maker, who has moved.

During the controversy over U.S. Olympic team uniforms made in China by designer Ralph Lauren, Nickol gave testimony about his business to a Senate committee.

Nickol, who said sales have been increasing by 50 percent annually for four years, said he’s capitalizing on public demand for quality apparel made in the United States. He produces a variety of blue jeans, shorts, shirts and jackets.

2 Responses to “Arcanum clothing maker to expand operations”

  1. Bruce Bishop says:

    “Ten new jobs in the coming year?!”

    Are we kidding? We have lost five million manufacturing jobs and fifteen million collateral jobs and this is what we are celebrating?

    You can hire “homeworkers” to turn out t-shirts for $3 apiece, stick a Ralph Lauren logo on them and sell them for $80 apiece. But this sort of opportunity is very limited — not something to re-build an economy on.

    The cut & sew jobs were the first to go offshore, long before anyone gave a rat’s rear end. It would be ironic if our economic revitalization began at the bottom of the food chain.

  2. Dan says:

    All American Clothing Company is an all-American success story. I will buy clothing from that company from now on.


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