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M&T News on CPA co-sponsored manufacturing conference

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CPA co-sponsored a conference last week, Renaissance of American Manufacturing, that attracted 320 people in Washington DC, including many important political leaders.

Richard McCormack’s Manufacturing and Technology News reported on the conference.


Is Momentum Building For Adopting A New Manufacturing Policy Agenda, Or Is The Interest Due Only To The Upcoming Election?

By Richard A. McCormack

The planets are beginning to align for a new manufacturing policy agenda in Washington, but doubts remain as to whether appropriate action can or will be taken to improve the fortunes of domestic manufacturers and the overall economy.

At the Second Annual Conference on the Renaissance of American Manufacturing held in Washington on March 27, speakers from the Obama administration, the Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum presidential campaigns, Republican and Democratic senators, CEOs, and representatives from labor, think tanks and trade associations all agreed: the renewal of American manufacturing should be a top economic priority.

“There has been a lot of progress and we’re close to some kind of breakthrough,” said conference organizer Gilbert Kaplan, a partner at King and Spalding in Washington, D.C., and president of the Committee to Support U. S. Trade Laws. “A lot more needs to be done, but there is a real feeling around this town that we have to take some big action.” Added former National Association of Manufacturers President Jerry Jasinowski: “We are at a turning point where the substance and some of the politics are coming together. . . There are not the same number of idiots running around saying that manufacturing isn’t important.”

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One Response to “M&T News on CPA co-sponsored manufacturing conference”

  1. David Albano says:

    I was not able to attend, it appears to me that the only speakers that you memtion are the 2 REPUBLICANS THE PARTY THAT IS RESOPNSBLE FOR THE MAJOR PROBLEM WE IN MANUFACTURING HAVE. There is but one answer to our problem if the jobs do not come back, all of the corporations may end up like the the states and local governments with no money. If people do not have jobs then the corporations do not have customers.And I dont mean flipping bugers or working in retain. So lets get behind President Obama and get back to work, we that have worked in manufacturing all or most are life are fed up with the B/S.


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