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Impact Of “Should Be Made In America” Campaign Launch

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Reposted from Campaign for America’s Future


Impact Of “Should Be Made In America” Campaign Launch

Dave Johnson  |  Campaign for America’s Future  |  March 29, 2012

You can sit on your couch and tweet things out there all day, but Twitter doesn’t knock on doors, and Twitter really doesn’t get in people’s faces. The Should Be Made In America campaign shows how to get that done. And the big impact this campaign is already having warns elected officials elsewhere that they should think twice before using taxpayer dollars to buy the supplies and steel for their infrastructure projects from outside the country.

This week I wrote about the “Should Be Made In America” campaign. The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) and the National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) announced a campaign to hold elected officials and procurement decision-makers accountable when they buy supplies and steel for taxpayer-funded infrastructure from outside the country. This campaign started in the San Francisco Bay Area, with billboards stationed near the Bay Bridge that feature the flag of the People’s Republic of China inscribed with “The Bay Bridge/100% Foreign Steel.”

Every single driver who crosses the Bay Bridge or drives nearby highways will see one of these billboards. And every elected official will get the message:taxpayer dollars should support American companies and American workers.

Here is just some of the local media coverage of the new billboard campaign:





NBC Bay Area:

ABC-7: (Click for full print story, too)


Listen: KCBS Radio — “Manufacturing Group Protests Chinese Steel Used in Bay Bridge Construction

Listen: KSFO Radio: skim forward to 07:40 into the broadcast.

Listen: KGO Radio: skim forward to 06:50 into the broadcast.

San Jose Mercury News

San Francisco Chronicle

Contra Costa Times

San Francisco Weekly

San Francisco Business Times

2 Responses to “Impact Of “Should Be Made In America” Campaign Launch”

  1. Tom T says:

    This campaign should go to all billboard advertising companies and the campaign’s localized message should be put on all billboards that are not currently being rented.

    We can keep supporting China’s industrial military base, but people should have the information that it is decision our leaders are making if nothing else by default.

    Tom T

  2. Tom T says:

    Politico offered a story on our ports:

    I commented that before we fix our ports for the giant super ships China is building, we should address the accumulated trade deficit of about 7 trillion and counting. Politico declined to post the comment.

    Should the U.S. make it easier for China to “sell our economy to death”?

    Here is a good graphic of what is happening:

    ….and another good explanation of trade deficit and its problem:

    He should be in our group!!!

    Way to go on the advertising!!! There is a whole lot of propaganda out there to keep selling our economy out and it has to be countered.

    Tom T.


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