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Defending American Auto Parts Manufacturing


The Alliance for American Manufacturing has launched a new effort to get the administration to “self-initiate” trade cases in the Auto Parts Sector.  Here is an 8 minute video on the issue.   AAM staff are available to do presentations to labor and community groups.

To set up a presentation, contact:

Eastern PA:  Mark Musho (

Western PA: George Calko ( or Allison Symmonds (


One Response to “Defending American Auto Parts Manufacturing”

  1. Mo says:

    States cannot just wait on the federal government to correct trade problems. Every state should follow North Dakota’s lead and have their own state bank which can be used to recycle credit within the state to fund industrial activity. Currently US states deposit their tax funds in banks that may lend lot of the funds out of the state or to comapanies to expand overseas. State banks working with local community banks and manufacturing banks can lead the way. Just look at North Dakota; was only state to have a growing GDP, low unemployment rate, low foreclosure rates, low bankruptcy rates and regular budget surpluses during this whole financial crisis.


Sovereignty at Risk with Globalist Agreements

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