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We can make a difference


I have two pieces of very good news.

One is: as a result of our visit to his office, Representative Bob Filner has co-sponsored the ENFORCE Act.

CPA encouraged Fly In attendees to write a Letter to the Editor to their local paper.  This resulted in a guest essay by Kevin Kelly, Executive Director of the Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association (RTMA).

Together, we can make a difference and get our message out.

2 Responses to “We can make a difference”

  1. Thomas Crumm says:

    Nice to hear.

    • Bruce Bishop says:

      We seem to have a disconnect here. HR3596, which is the subject of Congressman Filner’s letter, has to do with call centers.

      The ENFORCE Bill, HR3057, which is mentioned in Kevin Kelly’s article, has to do with the evasion of anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders.

      According to, HR3596 has a 6% chance of being passed while HR3057 has about an 8% chance of being passed.

      To be fair, Congressman Filner is one of the 106 co-sponsors of HR3596, and one of 37 co-sponsors of HR3057.

      Are there some American manufacturing jobs that are being threatened by Chinese dumping? I would love to know what they are.


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