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HDTVs: Now Made in America

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Reposted from News10 ABC

HDTVs: Now Made in America

Barry White  |  January 7, 2012  |  News10 ABC

TV owners can soon see the words “Made in America” on their television sets once again as Element Electronics has announced the grand opening and initial production of its new flat screen TV factory in Detroit, Michigan.   With production scheduled to begin in March 2012, Element Electronics will be the only TV company assembling TV’s in the United States.

Element Electronics made the decision to manufacture products in America to shorten its supply chain and related lead times, to be more responsive to American consumers, and reduce waste.  The company also believes that a U.S.-based assembly plant will increase the out-of-the-box quality of its televisions.

“This was also an emotional decision for the company, maybe even a patriotic choice,” explains Mike O’Shaughnessy, President of Element Electronics.  “Element Electronics is an American company. Personally, I grew up in a small, blue-collar Ohio town.  Our business is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We are rooted in the Midwest.  We have watched for years as jobs have left America for other countries.  We have wanted to and planned for producing TV’s here, at home.  Element Electronics wants to pioneer a resurgence of creating quality manufacturing jobs in the USA.”

Element Electronics believes global economic trends will make American production more economically viable over time and the company is scheduled to continue increasing production over the next few years. This will lead to increased job creation within Element Electronic factories and their suppliers.

In the short term, the company says that the plant will provide jobs for about 100 people but already has plans for expansion and additional hires down the road.

The HDTVs that Element Electronics will produce at the Michigan plant will be sold for “essentially the same prices” as those made in China.


One Response to “HDTVs: Now Made in America”

  1. John Briggs says:

    Isn’t it great what Element Electonics is doing! As you know, few manufacturing sectors had more jobs offshored over the last 30 years than the consumer electronics sector in this country. I did a post on Element Electronics on my blog,, the other day. Please stop by to check out that post and my other posts on all things Made in America. I wanted to thank you for all you are doing to bring manufacturing back to this country!

    All the best,

    John Briggs


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