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Connecting the Dots On Trade

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The following is a clip from the Dylan Ratigan show


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2 Responses to “Connecting the Dots On Trade”

  1. Joe Brooks says:

    Generally I agree with Dylan and he has been very critical of the US relationship with the Communist State Capitalists. However, the current US policy with Red China needs to be completely flushed and a new policy, with the US regaining our position as the leaders of the free world, needs to be reinstituted.

    We should return to very limited and regulated commerce/contact with the Corporate Communists until these types of horrific issues are resolved and not treated as business models by many “American” Corporatists, such as GE’s Immelt and many US politicians.

    Below is an example of CCP Communal factory work. After 60 years in power, they really know how to exploit slave labor for maximum profit.

  2. Joe Brooks says:

    Connecting the dots on Communism

    Most people do not realize that Communism is Corporatism run amuck, the above John Stewart video explains that in a short and somewhat humorous manner.

    US unilateral “free trade” is pathetic enough on it’s own merits, throw free trade with Protectionist Red China into the recipe and the entire concept is revealed as the largely foreign and Multi-National Corporation financed hoax it is.

    Unarmed, unresisting civilians trying to escape Red China, gunned down USSR style, in September, 2011. As Stewart says above “We have contracts with these people?”.


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