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Huntsman campaign position: Let China cheat

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Jon Huntsman wants to be president, but is not strong enough to stand up to predatory trade practices by China.

“That in practice would be bad; it would result in a trade war,” said Mr. Huntsman, a former U.S. ambassador to China. “The last thing you need between the two top economies in the world is a trade war, particularly during a recession, for heaven’s sake.”

Memo to Huntsman:  We’re in a trade war, for heaven’s sake.  That war cost 2 million jobs in the last 10 years.  When do you stand up for rules based trade and stop protecting China’s protectionism?

Huntsman was Obama’s ambassador to China.  If he was going to help craft a successful China policy, he already had a shot.  There’s no sign he’ll be better in Act II.

One Response to “Huntsman campaign position: Let China cheat”

  1. Bob Hall says:

    Last I checked, the Huntsman family business had more than 20 facilities inside the People’s Republic of China. This might be part of the reason Jon left a governorship for an ambassadorship. ;-)


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