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Pavlov’s Dog and Free Traders

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Robert Samuelson complains of "trade obstructionism" in today’s Washington Post
The trade obstructionists reflexively reject any new trade agreements,
he writes, because of outsourcing to countries with low wages and lax
labor practices.

Just as Pavlov’s dog began salivating when the
bell rang, expecting food, Samuelson would support any document with
the words "trade agreement" in its title.  A real estate
developer’s subdivision plan would be supported by Samuelson if it was
called a free trade agreement.  Indeed, New York Times op-ed
columnist Thomas Friedman admitted he never saw a free trade agreement
he would not support.  

When NAFTA was nearing a vote before passed, a public interest
group surveyed Senators to determine whether any had actually read the
document.  They had not.


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